Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Two Blues Two Greens and a Beer

Dear future child,
I suppose someday you'll be reading this. If the internet still exists by then, not replaced by something greater and much more dangerous.

I hope I make a good mother. I hope I brush your hair each night, and tuck you in tight. You'll someday get a puppy for Christmas if you haven't already, with a big red bow. Sorry to spoil the surprise.

Today, I've got the Blues. I know I'll get out of it.
But for now. They're here.

Is Art just a symptom of an Artist's disease? I am sick.

I am about to witness my second decade, my dear child. I'm planning to spend the Countdown on the beach, by the lake, with a bottle of cranberry Champanade under a blanket, with my Romeo. Bliss. How about you?


Friday, 25 December 2009


Between Christmas and I, It's Complicated. Not a big fan, not gonna lie. But...I eventually give in when I think of all the yummy foods I'll be seeing that only come around this time of year.

My room is coming along but I really have too many things. How is it possible since this room is bigger than my last ones? Sadly they all have some meaning related to them...Berlin, Elementary school, jar of rocks from Sicily, Harry Potter craze, Spice Girls craze...so slowly but surely, some will have to be eliminated. It might be awhile before my room is exactly as I want it to be. Not a fan of the wall colour either, but that will certainly need to wait.

I've been watching LOST, I want to catch up before the final season. Gosh I love that show so much!! This photograph was taken by Paul at his work in the lab. He's gotten his images in the calendar too! I imagine this one looks a lot like the universe. That reminds me of the ending of MIB.

I've been working hard these past days with barely any breaks inbetween. I seriously need some relaxos! but I really want to get it all done ASAP. School begins the fourth, which is ridiculously lame, and I need to buy my German textbook and my French Culture textbook. I hope I enjoy those classes. My worst case scenario was that I dropped one and take another Science Seminar instead. Thus completing my Science credit. I loved 'Biotechnology and Society', thanks to Paul for making me go for it, rather than 'Marine Animals and their Environments'.

Happy Holidays!

Monday, 21 December 2009


Iowa State secret library.

Boxes everywhere. And my bed still isn't assembled. Rawr. Work work work. I just feel like writing in short. sentences. I also feel like dancing. Maybe I should set up my Stereo first thing. Grey skies, but there is no snow. The news talks of "more than one White house in Washington". Do you get the pun? Europe is struggling as well. Maybe they should air lift some snow over here, so I can go sledding on Tuesday. That would be nice. I've started to have insanely detailed dreams again, I guess when you're busy, your brain forgets to relax into dreamland also. Had dinner with a co-world dominating friend, Tiffanny. She's planning on three (or was it four?) degrees before she's thirty. We both agreed we'd want to probably venture out of Canada in our lives. Nothing against you, you Big White Beauty. But our dreams are bigger than the Worlds 2nd largest country. No offense. What do I want for Christmas? I want my room to be set up. I want to buy myself an Ipod (first time). I miss music in my life, how did I ever fare without you? I want plane tickets. I want money, clothes and love. Who doesn't? On to the shower, and then to deal with more boxes...

Here I come, when I better go.

Friday, 18 December 2009

Vanilla Twilight

you know when you find a 'perfect' song that seems to have all the secret words and messages that you've been looking for? I think I've found one...

The stars lean down to kiss you
And I lie awake and miss you
Pour me a heavy dose of atmosphere

'Cause I'll doze off safe and soundly
But I'll miss your arms around me
I'd send a postcard to you, dear
'Cause I wish you were here

I'll watch the night turn light-blue
But it's not the same without you
Because it takes two to whisper quietly

The silence isn't so bad
'Til I look at my hands and feel sad
'Cause the spaces between my fingers
Are right where yours fit perfectly

I'll find repose in new ways
Though I haven't slept in two days
'Cause cold nostalgia
Chills me to the bone

But drenched in vanilla twilight
I'll sit on the front porch all night
Waist-deep in thought because
When I think of you I don't feel so alone

I don't feel so alone, I don't feel so alone

As many times as I blink
I'll think of you tonight
I'll think of you tonight

When violet eyes get brighter
And heavy wings grow lighter
I'll taste the sky and feel alive again

And I'll forget the world that I knew
But I swear I won't forget you
Oh, if my voice could reach
Back through the past
I'd whisper in your ear
Oh darling, I wish you were here

Thursday, 17 December 2009


Moved in! Wellll, almost. There's a storage container that needs to be unloaded tomorrow, so that's one more day of extra human strength until I can concentrate on everything else. Lots and lots of unpacking to do still and my crazy ikea bed won't assemble itself, so I need to bring a piece of it all the way to effing ikea to get it unstuck or else replaced, how lame is that? Subway is a five minute walk, and I have yet to find my proper winter coat (erg) so I've been wearing some interesting layers so far. I just lugged home an 18kg box of cat litter looking like a crazy cat lady. My kitty will now have to be an indoor cat sadly, but so far she seems to be coping. She's almost 12 years old in any case, though she still looks and acts like a kitten.

Going to attempt to set up the TV et Al. The rest of the house is starting to work out and I have my own bathroom and walk-in closet which I'm pretty excited about, but setting myself all up is taking quite some time and I'd really like to be done before xmas, especially before I see Paul. :) I've got some pretty neat ideas, but I'll worry about anything major later, as well as when it starts getting warmer. I was planning on hanging Klimt's kiss above my bed, then laying down this orange carpet I've had since my childhood, that has a klimty circle type pattern that could go well. We'll see what happens. But right now what I would like is a proper desk. I need to make sure I'm all set for Uni before it starts again on [sadly] the fourth, since the first is on a friday this year.

I am a constellation of bruises and cuts, I need me some pampering! I'll be soaking in the tub each night until they decide to install water meters in...splish splash! xx

Monday, 14 December 2009

On the Move

Moving day is tomorrow, as usual paranoid about being ready and what not. blah blah blah. just want it to be over with but am pretty excited about setting myself up again. I just want to get as much done as I can before the Winter semester starts up again. I miss Weeds, will you come back to meee? Read and watched the Secret Life of Bees, so beautiful. Now I'm on Shopgirl, crazy novella, is Steve Martin like a secret pervert or something? lol love it though. Looking forward to that movie that Dakota and Kirsten are in, The Runaways.
Did I tell you I am a Beer Pong Champion? Add THAT to the resume bitches :] I feel like 2010 will be my friend.
Went to a Thomas Cook Travel company's Christmas dinner with my friend Teague and it was so much fun and I got an insiders look inside the travel agents perspective too, as well as what an Open Bar does to people...lol. I think I might apply to be a flight attendant right after University, just as a step in some direction while I...how do you say...''am putting on my shoes''.
Got a really rude comments by my ex who I've been trying to be friends with, but I guess I just shouldn't waste my energy when all I get in return is negativity. I've clearly been asked to remove myself from the friend circle and have decided to stop trying to befriend people who can't admit they just don't like me. Talking about this sounds so ridiculous which is why I try and avoid the discussion. But I feel that with this move and with this ''revelation'' of sorts, I am growing.
We'll see what happens next...Cheers! xx

Sunday, 13 December 2009


Today is St. Lucia.
Shortest day of the year.
As a child, my mum and I would always go
to the harbour front and
take advantage of
the Swedish festivities.
Glue and glitter
and decoupage.
Crowns made of
pipe cleaners and felt.
I don't know how
people could assume
I was Swedish, but
as long as I had
my gingerbread cookies
I was happy.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009


Finding old diaries is interesting sometimes. The one I'm using now, I'm using superficially and writing in double spaced because I kind of want to get rid of it, shame tho, but it reminds me of my ex boyfriend too much, I can't be writing about the future with the reminders of the past and broken hearts. I'm going to start my new one, a magenta Pierre Belvedere one, when the move is over. I've entitled it 'The Apartment'. I really love notebooks and the likes. I used to hate using them, but then I realized that they exist to be filled to the brim by our thoughts and ideas!

Made friends with a raccoon today. I'm letting him sleep in an old box of Christmas gift bags that I was going to throw out anyways till the I've got to get to the shed. I feel like it's taking me way too long to pack up, hopefully it'll all work out. ONE WEEK! scary. Right now I'm 'working' full time with this moving business. Watching Vampire Diaries (Six Feet Under fell through, I'll try again later...) and Popular (do you remember that show??) i used to be obsessed with it. My grandmother is in the hospital, I went to visit her today, she got a blood infection within the three days she got back from Italy. So far she's doing much better, she's so stubborn she's already trying to get out of bed and talking about renewing her driving license :) I hope I'm as strong and beautiful as she is when I'm 89.

I REALLY don't want to get ahead of myself because it's really really too early to tell, but for now let's just say three incredibly beautiful words:

South of France.
South of France.
South. of. France.

That'll do for now.

Friday, 4 December 2009

Fingers Toes

Lots happening soon, my semester just ended and lucky me has no exams so I am fully concentrated on packing up for the move, I've only got 2 weeks! Pretty excited, although it's pretty stressful for now, it'll be so good once it's over, I can't wait to decorate. I've been looking at those last page articles in Teen Vogue where they show some celebrity's daughter's room, some inspiration there. And have you seen the Thanksgiving episode of Gossip Girl? really well done ending. Just started Six Feet Under, I've been told good things about it, not sure what I think about it yet. Trying to get an au pair job for April onwards after exams, I put down just England and France and underpants.

Literature lecture today was inspiring, we were reading Ariel by Sylvia Plath, talking about how Freud claims art is the symptom of the artist's disease. I don't know if I could live in a world without art. Baudelaire says you can live 3 days without food but not a single day without art. Paul went back to Uni on Tuesday, we share so much music and art together, I guess that's wh
y todays lecture struck a chord. He bought me a copy of Klimt's kiss :) I can't wait to put it up in my room, as well as a old map, so I can map out any travels! I've got South Africa on my mind... I'll see him soon after Christmas, but I feel so brave and hopeful. To the stars!

Ps: My brother proposed to his girlfriend!

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

It goes without saying...

''Someday poets will write our names out in ink and in tears.''

See you tomorrow. To the stars and back.

and one day, ill be standing there in the alamo park looking down over the city that took our hearts and youll be there we can sit and stare

Friday, 20 November 2009


There's nothing like sleeping under the duvet with the sun's light dancing on the walls. I'm going to miss my room, I get the sad feeling that my future room, albeit it 'a dream' in some respects, will be rather dark. All the more reason to get outside I suppose :) My dreams and ambitions are too big for the apartment really.

The Duvet I really want from Ikea is 80 dollars!!! I hope it goes on sale someday, or maybe I should just save my pennies and splurge... isn't it the most beautiful thing you've ever seen?? Imagine waking up and stretching enveloped in this...

Thursday, 19 November 2009


Working on this God-ot awful essay on Waiting for Godot and 'waiting for...' the angels to fall from the sky and give me a push in the (w)rite direction. blah blah blah. I can do this...

Found an apartment! 3 bedrooms and I get a walk-in closet and my own bathroom, sounds pretty spoiled, but believe me, I'm not. It's a 'penthouse' but they're only saying that to make whoever lives on the top floor feel better, honestly. I won't be moving till December, but once I'm in there, I want to dedicate myself to making the space 'mine' as quickly as I can once I'm done exams. Then I'll see if I can properly study for my bartending exam. Going to try and au pair in Paris in the spring (am I dreaming too big?) and go see my uncle Sebastian in Sicily in the summer. I love him so much and I just can't accept the fact that someday he won't be around anymore...

Fun time is over kids, let's get back to work...

Tuesday, 17 November 2009


Paul is visiting next week, can you believe it?

The usual list to keep me sane:
  • start/finish lit essay!
  • catch up on socio readings, lit book, italian readings
  • find monster under my bed
  • look for camera batts/cable while youre there
  • and keep searching for monsieur passport
  • call/book hotel
  • grocery shopping
  • fresh sheets and towels
  • call manpower and call wiebe

Monday, 16 November 2009


Life is beautiful sometimes, you've just got to ask it. Lots of good has happened lately but let's not jinx it. All I need now is to find the ''perfect'' apartment.

Two true tried and tested tips for success:
  1. Keep the toilet lid down:
    stops your money/expenses from ''going down the drain''.
  2. Sleep in the same ''direction'' as your house mates:
    helps to avoid arguments and disagreements.

The Aquarium in San Francisco was just amazing.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Said the Lion

The only time,
That my heart,
Will ever shatter and fall apart,
Is the day,
That we part -

In death,
Through a life endured -
In a day,
Never cured -
In hopes and cries forevermore
To see your face,
And feel your paw,
Held in place,
Upon my cheek,
When I was weak -

To hear the mighty wonderful roar,
Forever missed,
Forever raw,
Of the one,
I adore

Friday, 13 November 2009


House has been sold. Apartment hunt continues...

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Haze, D.

I pruned the hedge in the front and painted my bathroom today. I make good wife, yes?

It's a shame that when you're about to leave a place, it seems so beautiful and you wonder why you're leaving in the first place...Like when you plan on washing your hair but when the time comes and you look at yourself in the mirror you say ''oh but I like how it looks right now...''.

I suppose it sucks to have people walking through your room and judging your decor and what not, but so far we've already had competing buyers which is a good thing because we might end up getting above our asking price! That would be really great. I don't really care where we end up now, but I want to make the space my own.

I feel like things are falling together lately, getting more done, enjoying life more, it's not as difficult as it seemed days ago. I just need to keep my head straight and find my passport. Those 24 pages are the bane of my existence and seem to have disappeared from right under my fingertips...I shall find you soon Monsieur Passpartout...We must go to Havana!

Had the idea of maybe Au pairing again in the spring once exams are over with, so I've made another account on the website. Except this time it will be in a big town, and this time it will be in France :) My life would be complete, and I can go visiting other places on my days off and go visit Paul in England too hopefully. I believe Uni ends near my birthday too so maybe I could invent some sort of Birthday/Going away shindig.

Honestly, I don't mind leaving again (oh my nomadic soul), I even asked my mom if we could move back to Europe the other day...I wonder where I'll live when I'm older...if I join the foreign service than who knows? Places I'd like to go in the near future:
  • Havana, once the house is sold.
  • Montreal/Quebec
  • Vancouver, though maybe post-Olympic madness would be better...
  • New York
  • Paris
  • Barcelona
  • that'll do for now, don't you agree...

How personal are you supposed to make blogs? Because there are things that I really can't talk about here, you know?

Got to get back to my Italian Essay. Bacioni x

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Things White people like that I like.

I just moved (with the help of two amazing friends) a load of boxes and furniture into storage, now I'm off to have a long shower before heading over to the library to do biotech. Had a really good talk with Paul last night, he shook me awake to realize that I've really got to spend more time to 'live' and do what I love, I've been living deadline to deadline and it's really not healthy. Things are going to be good from now on, promise.

Friday, 6 November 2009

Take out the Trash

To an apartment.
I really feel like I need
to give this blog a make-over.

Monday, 2 November 2009

Ooga Chaka

superficial zaaannninesss,
I'm really stressed out with University but I just need to concentrate and prioritize, I've partied every night lately, so tonight...I will leave Italian early with a appropriate swine flu related excuse and head home to sort out my life and NOT go to Andy Poolhall to party...Halloween was fun, and I had so much fun with the people I met at work these past two or so months, I'm going to miss work so so much.

You know what comes next...
  • Biotech presentation is number one
  • Literature essay
  • Biotech essay sources
  • Print Socio slides
Paul is coming to visit on the 25th, super excitement!!! Also, I'm moving again, the place 'sounds' great, three bedroom apartment with my own walk in closet and bathroom, but the area isn't so nice. I just hope that I can make the space mine and feel free and have time for all my interests. Need to be more selfish but more productive.

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Ello elle lit t'es a...

Bonjour monde, how goes it?
Reading Lolita. Not sure what my opinion is yet, I know most are against it, but his writing is good, I enjoy reading it whatever the subject matter seems to be.
Staying sane, but life is good. If we are moving again, I don't mind, because it means less chaos once it's over. I'm so busy lately that I'm barely home in any case. I should get to planning Christmas, I think it'll be Havana, I hope its not too late for a good deal.
Cirque du Soleil ends November 8th, I wish I could follow them to San Francisco, but I'm only dreaming. Maybe next time... Going to be job hunting again.
Excited for Halloween :) Pretty happy with my costume, hope it goes well. Est-ce que tu as peur des mechants esprits? Oh Madame, oui oui oui oui oui!

Monday, 19 October 2009

Liebe Iowa

Being in Iowa last week was bliss it really was, I met some amazingly sweet people and now I'm back home and seeing my room again made me feel like I entered another 'present', I guess the term is reality. As in, BACK TO REALITY?! There you go...

Since I might be moving again, I'm going through all my possessions, as usual, trying to whittle down. Alot of my guy friends have barely any possessions in their immaculate rooms, how do they do it!? I haven't even been shopping in months, but I shall not give up. It's just ironic that I've always wanted a room in the attic like this, but now that I have one, I'm really wishing I had four straight walls, instead of one, barely, haha, But it's all a big clutter in my head and I will enjoy life if I know what I own and can use it all instead of letting it sit in unknown places gathering dust and what not...Also got to get back into my hobbies. Since moving here, I may have unpacked my boxes, but my head is still in shambles. FRAGILE!

Quickest List in the West:
  • take better care of body
  • do your work!
  • look for a new job for november.
  • trip to cuba
  • paul visits toronto
  • halloween costume?! wtf?!

Hate to say it but I'm loving Blake Lively, gotta get through the series it's taking over my life. Watched alot of old French Films lately as well as really old Italian ones. Got to read "Things Fall Apart'' but I'm a crazy lazy procrastinating machiiine who can't even clean her room let alone crack open a book, I'm still behind with Woolf and Godot. ARG. That's it...no internet until I'm done...

All Is Vanity,' Saith the Preacher

Fame, wisdom, love, and power were mine,
And health and youth possessed me;
My goblets blushed from every vine,
And lovely forms caressed me;
I sunned my heart in beauty' eyes,
And felt my soul grow tender;
All earth can give, or mortal prize,
Was mine of regal splendour.

I strive to number o'er what days
Remembrance can discover,
Which all that life or earth displays
Would lure me to live over.
There rose no day, there rolled no hour
Of pleasure unembittered;
And not a trapping decked my power
That galled not while it glittered.

The serpent of the field, by art
And spells, is won from harming;
But that which soils around the heart,
Oh! who hath power of charming?
It will not list to wisdom's lore,
Nor music's voice can lure it;
But there it stings for evermore
The soul that must endure it.

Monday, 12 October 2009


Hello you,
I am in Ames, Iowa. Yes. I've been here for almost a week and it's been amazing, it's so great to find such genuinely good hearted people. The silence has made it so serene. It's all got me thinking, about everything oddly enough, and about the future. I've got lots of sorting out to do when I get back home, but it will feel so so good when I'm done. I might be moving again, we shall see, but I feel I've got a nomadic soul, I think I'm going to join the foreign service. One step at a time...
Tonight we went to the Symphony and there was a deaf woman who played all the percussion, it was amazing. She just slid onto the stage shoeless in a blue dress with long grey hair like she was possessed from one side of the stage to another and the ending was amazing with the sound resonating for such a long time.

And as per usual, here is a random bullet list to help keep my head on my shoulders. This one will most likely not make much sense, but bearrrr with me, rawr.
  • take spanish next year?
  • look into via rail across canada
  • barcelona
  • around the world ticket
  • foreign service??
  • do you still want to be a flight attendant?
  • how to become a conductor
  • brrazil!
  • watch the godfather
  • buy new boots
  • write more letters
  • keep downsizing
  • take better care of yourself
  • more blog entries...


Tuesday, 6 October 2009

She's done it again!

Yes, I know blogs aren't a big deal but you're so much fun! Sorry I don't write on youuuu...
I made it to the Golden Gate bridge as you can tell from this lovely photograph here. Paul thiefed me a Spawk figuring from this amazing shop we found in Haight Ashbury called The Goonies I think. It just all fit perfectly with what we had talked about the previous days...it was fate I tell you. But really sometimes I wonder if there is some other kind of force that enjoys playing jokes on people like me who pay attention...

Loads has happend let's see if I can remember anything...
  • I work for Cirque du Soleil, oVo!
  • Saw the Jonas Brothers in the VIP Tapis Rouge, very anti social.
  • Had to deny access to Ben Mulroney. LOL
  • Saw Matt and Kim (love) and Ninja Sonik (wtf).
  • ive gotten really into Weeds, but whilst waiting for Weeds to load started Gossip Girl, you MUST promise not to tell anyone of my guilty habit...
  • bought netbook and got a credit card D:
  • Uni is going well so far, keeping me busy.
  • LOVING Lit, my prof is amazing.
  • been experimenting with photos again, creative spark back? maybe...
  • Might be moving again, possibly to an apartment/condo.
  • Might be going to Barcelona or Cuba or some Spanish speaking place...
  • Downsizing my life has been going well so far, giving to others feels fucking good.
  • Going to Iowa to visit Paul, leaving Wednesday!!

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Forgive me.

Dearest blog,
it has been far too long. How could I have ignored you so...
I've had so much on my mind now, I feel like I've learnt alot about myself in the past weeks, yet I feel even more lost and confused, though this is probably normal for my age...

Align CenterI MET PAUL!

I promise to keep this up again, I feel like Uni work will be a bit crazy, but I'm sure I can handle it. It's just been a whole year without school, now I've got to get back into it. I am currently attempting to downsize my life greatly, for however lame this may sound, I feel that I have a nomadic soul, yet my room says otherwise...too much stuff, too much in my head. Downsize Downsize Downsize! Here goes nothing...

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Le Nez

Hello Stranger.

I got my nose pierced! Omg. I also bought rainboots! Red with polkadots :) Tomorrow is the last day of work for a bit, so I will organize everything now. And since the strike is finally over, I CAN GO SWIMMING! Must buy new camera and start packing, sort of. I'm really excited about Life in general, and want to keep a positive outlook on things and surround my self with positiveness...Has this piercing turned me into a hippie? I want to try one of those 'cleanses' but I don't exactly know how they work, I just feel bloated but that could be anything...Also, I'll be getting my third Gardasil shot this month - I was talking about this with my friends over Turkish Pizza Pida, AMAZING - part of me wishes I hadn't taken it because of the unknown sideffects (ex: what if my children are born with three eyes?) so I guess I will be the one you'll watch to see if Gardasil really works...OKAY not to end each convo with something about Twilight, but really, they're teen romance novels, addictive like caffeine for some, I just want to know how it ends...and I have no fucking IDEA who I'd go for... Jacob would be warmer, but with Edward you would be immortal, techinically. I hate this. Gotta watch season 2 of True Blood now...

Goodnight, Sleep tight, Stranger.

Sunday, 2 August 2009


Few things, I'm a bit tired/frustrated. 4 Birthdays in 3 Days.
San Fran is in 24 days, I can't effing believe it, I've still got a few things to take care of but I'm basically set. I'm meeting Paul ON the flight from Chicago to San Francisco, crazy huh!?
I found 40 bucks on the ground the other night and split it with my friends, but my 20 covered a pair of sandals that were on sale today that I'd been craving for quite some time now. BUT I must get some glamorous galoshes for the festival, they seem like the best option. What else is left...new camera, get hair straightened, a new pair of jeans perhaps and a backpack from MEC.

Gotta study for Bartending Exam but I am le tired. Good on ya mate, I've got Monday off.

Can't wait for UofT.

Also, Kate Hudson is very nice.

Why am I still up?

Monday, 27 July 2009

ROSI cheeks

So tomorrow morning I pick my courses, I spent the evening figuring it out and I'm hoping I have it. It's not the complete end of the world if I DO change my mind however. And although I need not worry right this second, I believe I will be majoring in Linguistics and European Studies, or maybe minoring in E. S. with another minor in French Lit...oh dear, but there is still time.

I thought New Moon was pretty terrible which doesn't explain why I am halfway through the second one whose name I can't even bother remembering...Eclipse? Who would you choose? I love the sun too much to be a vampire...WHY AM I STILL TALKING ABOUT THIS?!
I cant wait for Time Travelers Wife and Where the Wild Things Are!!! Watched quite a few movies lately, will go see HP on Tuesday, hopefully will manage to sneek in after having seen The Ugly Truth, but don't go telling anyone okay? ;)

Okay here's something completely different...and you shouldn't read this following bit. Okay so I've accepted the fact that girls, women, get their periods, although I am not all "OH I am soo happy every month that I get a reminder as to why women are sooo amazing...", To me it's more like a "oh hey there, you're not pregnant, but you could be...if you wanted too...no worries.'' but what I don't understand is why those days we must have horrible skin and horrible hair aswell...I read a study once that claimed that the pheremone that women let off whilst menstruating ATTRACTS the opposite sex. So basically, although you will feel terrible, have frizzy hair, a giant pimple on your forehead and dehabilitating cramps...some guy will be all oh heeey!" ? Interesting.

I took the Go Train on Saturday and realized how convenient it is, I plan to visit my friend in Hamilton very very soon and I am rather excited because I haven't seen her in so long.

Also, here is a video that my friend made awhile ago and I happen to be in...enjoy!

Monday, 20 July 2009

Just a Greasy Paperbag

Didn't I tell you?
Didn't I say that everything would fall into place?

I must have, over a million times.

So right now I am back at work which is great and I have made enough money there + being an Extra (I'll see if I can post the episodes when I find them) to cover my San Fran trip, I have purchased my ticket today. I should also have enough for a new Digital Camera and a Net book for University. (I also have enough for University but that's a different account.) Basically I am all set, though I am still working hard...

Monday I will be picking my courses online for University, I'm almost set there are just a few conflicts. After that I will be studying hard for the Bartending Exam which equals private job listings which will hopefully equal job? yes.

In the meantime I have been trying my best to lessen my possessions, I've been bringing books to used books stores and sorting through clothes. With this strike going on it means that we can't get a building permit so the dormer on my room won't be for awhile still but it will help me out greatly to actually have headroom for a desk and possibly a closet...a bathroom would be amazing but not necessary.

I'm half way through New Moon, ha! I like reading books before I see the movies, and I had read Twilight way before it got big, so far it's...frustrating. It's okay but I can't help but have Kristen Stewart act it out in my head and it doesn't fit the way it's written. Also, please don't go see Br√ľno. You don't understand. Borat was better. I've been loading up on DVDs from the library and they've piled up around my TV, among them are the Two Fat Ladies (haha!) and Martha Stewarts Guide to Desserts, you don't understand how amazing it is...

Anyways I must keep going at it...I have a Urban Outfitters Gift Card I have set aside for myself once I complete all my tasks as a prize. Must also remember to pay for Frosh. Superhero themed, how awesome is that?


Thursday, 9 July 2009

Courses of course!

I'm deciding my courses now for University, I'm all GUNG HO about it, though my friends are quietly laughing at me because they've been through first year now.

So just from what I've figured out today, I've
decided on:
  • Sociology
  • Literature for our time
  • Drama

Now I'm considering:
  • Intro to Classics (half course)
  • Intro to Linguistics
  • Art History (half course)
  • Geography somethings...(half courses)
  • something French (must call department...)
I found my summer shorts in a trunk in my room and now they smell like moth balls...eeuuguh. Tomorrow I'm going swimming and I am super duper excited parceque I've wanted to for so long and the stupid strike has all the pools closed.

Movies I want to see:
  • Bruno
  • Harry Potter
  • Time Travelers Wife

  • Into the Wild
  • I Love you, Man
Tv Series I'd like to watch:
  • the rest of House that I've been missing
  • any episodes of The Mentalist I've missed
  • Weeds
  • Six Feet Under
  • keep watching True Blood (OMG)
Basically these two weeks I've had off work have gone by so quickly and I am sad. I should spend Saturday doing those last things I wanted to do, load the credit card so I can buy the ticket, also, I will be a Tv Extra again soon and I am pretty excited, I think it's fun even though it's really slow and you stand around alot. Talk to you later babes.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009


Hey good lookin', why the frown?
you know it's always better when it's upside down.

Those aren't my sunglasses haha awful picture.

I am currently stressing about university as I am choosing my courses. I'm considering Drama, an English Lit of sorts, a History of sorts, something in French and maybe sociology? plus there will be a science seminar in there... My facebook wife explained as much as she could to me in 10 minutes and it made more sense than 3 years of guidance councilors c
ould. luull. Watch me fall for my profs at Uni, just watch. It has already been determined that he must own a boat and be ruggedly handsome.

I must also buy my plane ticket this week. :)

I've got the funds for this trip, though I am still saving up. I'm planning on getting a new Nikon and maybe an Mp3 player, but there is still time...we shall see...blah blah blah. The prepaid credit card I got was really a lame idea unless I only make big purchases on it, because it charges me fifty cents for every transaction, so I'll be loading it up for the plane ticket, then hiding it in my underwear drawer.

Things are a little down lately, for many reasons, one being the strike happening in Toronto for sixteen days now, there is no garbage pickup, the pools are closed and we can't get building permits, so our house is Under Construction. The weather also is not summer weather in the least. We adapt.

In any case, 'good things come to those who wait', right?

The Ultimate Perfect Boyfriend List

under construction...

  • Must own a boat.

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

I kick Balderd-ass

Hey hot stuff,
long time no see.
how's it going?

Lots has happened lately, most of it would SEEM horrible, but in the end it's really really great/good for me...if only I could see that now...instead of eating a whole loaf of banana bread. NOT. I made hummus and babaganoush as well, and garlic bread, which disapeared in a matter of miliseconds. I don't know what all the cookings about, but I like it! It's distracting me from my woes.
I've got these next two weeks off work and I am now surely addicted to True Blood now, I've been watching it online to my discretion as it is basically porn...And have you SEEN Hugh Jackman in Australia? OMG. Great movie.

I must have said this a million times, but I'm really excited about meeting people at uni, I feel like I'll make my very 'own' friends, instead of having to be 'integrated' into a 'premade' group of friends. What's with all the air quotes? I just want a hug. Honestly. I wish people were more touchy feely. Maybe I'll try and have a cuddle party of sorts, except my house is so horrible...awkward now, though I guess it is more cozy then the old one, plus people will get the wrong impression. I've been accused of stealing people's boyfriends on more than one occasion and it has started to make me wonder if there is something wrong with ME. Now that I am single it is more plausible, but still...chill. I am not like that.

...I just can't wait till the renos are done.

Can't wait for San Fraaaancisco!

To do soontimes
-Use Urban Outfitters gift card.
-Apply for part time anywhere.
-Organize books and films.
-Go to bed early for once.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Harvey Wallbanger

Hey there, I got trial contact lenses today :)
I'm not so good at taking them out yet, the optometrist had to pry open my eyelids and do it himself after my 1043 failed attempts. BUT I LOVE THEM!! Gotta stop staring at people though...

Things on my to do list are slowly being done, I'm going to bartending school tomorrow, we made real drinks and shots last time and they were delicious. Yes, I was tipsy.

Cherry Blossom: Cherry Brandy + Dark Cacao Liqueur
Carrot Cake: Kahlua + Baileys + a little Goldschlagger.

Anyways, tomorrow I'm booooking it to NXNE right after, because I'm selling wristbands and stuff!!! YAY!!! I'm gonna try and see Japanther and Ume, but it'll be hard, I get an all access pass, but there aren't that many things I want to see, Melissa Auf der Mar will be at YADsq so I don't have to go anywhere, and I've already seen Dragonette, maybe Switchfoot? AIDS Wolf, DD/MM/YY...
UUUMMMMmmm yeah.
Everythings good, figuring out my ticket to san fran. Worst worry atm is about OSAP for uni, as well as spending more time to choose my courses/programs, arg PANIC ATTACK MOFO!!!
Watched Goodfellas, awesome. Started Milk, along the San Fran theme here...love it so far. There are a few other things I wanna see/read. I KNOW that we won't get to see EVERYTHING in San Fran, because of the awesome/awkward lineup, but I'll try my best. Defo: Jack Kerouac Alley + a photo infront of City Lights for Leher. I'll try and keep a journal. Maybe just keep on going from my Mexico one, I'm REALLY awfull at continuing journals, I get 2 weeks in then it fades away...it should work with San Fran though, being only 4 days. EEEK I'M SO EXCITED! But I've got to relax because it's not till the end of summer. I'd like to get to Montreal this summer, maybe through a rideshare or the cheap one dollar bus rides. Let's see what happens...for now I must concentrate on everything UNIVERSITY related.Live long and Prosper.

Monday, 8 June 2009



I really want my room to get organized before Uni/before San Fran...WHY AM I SO LAZY?! It's mostly clothes really, I've got to just get rid of stuff I don't wear, besides take today, I'm wearing the same yellow tank that I've worn for the past three days AND it's over 25 years old...I can't be bothered, Uni will offer "how to stop procrastinating" seminars, but what could they possibly have to say, that will have me convinced??? Seriously...

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Busy Street

So tomorrow is the start of another tiring week, I am a nanny of sorts from 9am to 1pm near High Park, the little boy is adorable and a polyglot! Lately I've had to babysit for another woman with two boys from 3:30 to 5, so when I get home, I am exhausted, and this is Monday to Friday. But this week I am excited, let me tell you why. Bartending School :)

Hopefully it was a good idea, I've always wanted to do it, so why not? I doubt it could hurt...why am I so hesitant of everything? I've lost many a buses and opportunities because of it too...grr grr grr. I went to an orientation meeting for Uni and am feeling calmer about things, though I am still undecided about my program...the meeting has deciphered my fears.

Basically, with a few weeks off, that is what I will be doing this summer, as well as working at the NXNE Festival next week and going to San Francisco in August. When I told my Drama Teacher/Mentor about the trip, he said that I am the truest hippie he's ever met, and that he might meet up with us there, at City Lights perhaps...we'll see what happens.

I'm watching The Reader, which everyone has told me is wonderful, but so far it seems mostly about sex and frustrations, and I don't really like Kate Winslet's nipples...I will wait till I'm done to make a decision. I saw Up the other day, and cried all night, it was amazing. Speaking of amazing, Star Trek? AWESOME. I'm reading a lot of books, and found another hundred abandoned after garage sales and such, but now they're nice and warm filling up my spiral staircase. I have found a bookstore that will take my used books (and give me a share of the profit too) so I might take some there, since I rarely read the same book twice, though if it's a classic or it meant alot to me, I usually keep it. In the mean time I am sorting through my room and trying to lessen my possessions because I have way too many.
I remember reading a (fictional) book about a boy who had only 100 possessions and discarded one when he had a new one. Alright, so one hundred may be a small, a very small number for me, but there's no harm in trying to get rid of as much as I can...I want things in order once Uni starts. I'm so effing excited...
  • Get Prepaid Credit Card.
  • Get Contact Lenses.
  • Buy ticket to San Francisco.
I love you Sal Paradise.

Monday, 1 June 2009

Dark Days

Dark clouds are above us.

The world is quiet here.

Rest in Peace Shane Fair.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

The Fishwives.

I took photographs for my friends' band, The Fishwives, a few weeks ago before their concert at the Opera House.

Check out more photographs here.

Where in the World...

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