Monday, 20 July 2009

Just a Greasy Paperbag

Didn't I tell you?
Didn't I say that everything would fall into place?

I must have, over a million times.

So right now I am back at work which is great and I have made enough money there + being an Extra (I'll see if I can post the episodes when I find them) to cover my San Fran trip, I have purchased my ticket today. I should also have enough for a new Digital Camera and a Net book for University. (I also have enough for University but that's a different account.) Basically I am all set, though I am still working hard...

Monday I will be picking my courses online for University, I'm almost set there are just a few conflicts. After that I will be studying hard for the Bartending Exam which equals private job listings which will hopefully equal job? yes.

In the meantime I have been trying my best to lessen my possessions, I've been bringing books to used books stores and sorting through clothes. With this strike going on it means that we can't get a building permit so the dormer on my room won't be for awhile still but it will help me out greatly to actually have headroom for a desk and possibly a closet...a bathroom would be amazing but not necessary.

I'm half way through New Moon, ha! I like reading books before I see the movies, and I had read Twilight way before it got big, so far it's...frustrating. It's okay but I can't help but have Kristen Stewart act it out in my head and it doesn't fit the way it's written. Also, please don't go see Br√ľno. You don't understand. Borat was better. I've been loading up on DVDs from the library and they've piled up around my TV, among them are the Two Fat Ladies (haha!) and Martha Stewarts Guide to Desserts, you don't understand how amazing it is...

Anyways I must keep going at it...I have a Urban Outfitters Gift Card I have set aside for myself once I complete all my tasks as a prize. Must also remember to pay for Frosh. Superhero themed, how awesome is that?



"Pretty Perfect Pensive Playful Platypus" said...

I miss you!
I'm really happy that everything is working out for you :)
I only wish everything would work out for me as well. oh well!
I'm coming to visit as soon as I can!

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