Thursday, 12 November 2009

Haze, D.

I pruned the hedge in the front and painted my bathroom today. I make good wife, yes?

It's a shame that when you're about to leave a place, it seems so beautiful and you wonder why you're leaving in the first place...Like when you plan on washing your hair but when the time comes and you look at yourself in the mirror you say ''oh but I like how it looks right now...''.

I suppose it sucks to have people walking through your room and judging your decor and what not, but so far we've already had competing buyers which is a good thing because we might end up getting above our asking price! That would be really great. I don't really care where we end up now, but I want to make the space my own.

I feel like things are falling together lately, getting more done, enjoying life more, it's not as difficult as it seemed days ago. I just need to keep my head straight and find my passport. Those 24 pages are the bane of my existence and seem to have disappeared from right under my fingertips...I shall find you soon Monsieur Passpartout...We must go to Havana!

Had the idea of maybe Au pairing again in the spring once exams are over with, so I've made another account on the website. Except this time it will be in a big town, and this time it will be in France :) My life would be complete, and I can go visiting other places on my days off and go visit Paul in England too hopefully. I believe Uni ends near my birthday too so maybe I could invent some sort of Birthday/Going away shindig.

Honestly, I don't mind leaving again (oh my nomadic soul), I even asked my mom if we could move back to Europe the other day...I wonder where I'll live when I'm older...if I join the foreign service than who knows? Places I'd like to go in the near future:
  • Havana, once the house is sold.
  • Montreal/Quebec
  • Vancouver, though maybe post-Olympic madness would be better...
  • New York
  • Paris
  • Barcelona
  • that'll do for now, don't you agree...

How personal are you supposed to make blogs? Because there are things that I really can't talk about here, you know?

Got to get back to my Italian Essay. Bacioni x

Where in the World...

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