Sunday, 23 November 2008


We leave for Mexico December 4th and return December 26th.

I'm somewhat nervous because you hear so many bad things about Mexico, but you know how that is...We're spending a few days in Mexico City, then to Tlaxcala then to Minatitlan then Coatzcoalcos, I hope the spelling is right, Spanish is harder than I thought it was. My mom took lessons while I was in Europe, and we're eating Chilean food tomorrow night with her class. My mom and I are bringing a suitcase full of clothes to donate to our friends charity. Im going to try and find the Lonely Planet guide to Mexico, because the German one was AWESOME. I also saw some beautiful journals at Chapters that I wouldn't mind getting because mine is almost finished.

No one is buying our house because no one has the money, nor do they have the invisible money. Lots of things are cheaper now, especially gas, but we don't have a car right now (we sent it to car heaven) so it doesnt matter. Taking the TTC everywhere CAN be frustrating, but it's good exercise :D

I got this book from the library about French Diets, and it makes so much sense, you dont have to diet if you eat REAL FOOD, and you take your time enjoying it. Kind of ironic after all we're shown on TV. I'm reading alot again, which is good, Ive got books in different rooms of the house, and I found an Isabel Allende book I might bring on the trip.

1. ride a horse
2. climb a pyramid
3. take a picture wearing a sombrero
4. try local food
5. go to the beach

It's getting cold and it might snow all this week, I can't wait to go to MEHICO!

Oh and Im calling it MEXIMAS!

AAARrriba! xxox

Tuesday, 4 November 2008


Hurray is all I'll say at the moment.
Theres a For Sale sign outside my house. Im nervous, but I feel good about this. Also my cat doesnt seem to recognize me anymore, or shes just mad that I left her for 106 days. The plane food was so delicious, I had Indian Curry and it was...incredible.Im going over to my bfs to watch Wall-E :D I rather behind on movies now, but Ive got to shower first because I smell like a sasquatch.

Fuck, Im so glad to be home.
And I rarely swear.


Monday, 20 October 2008

2 Weeks and Meximas

Only two weekS until Im back home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Im loving it here and Ich liebe Deutschland, tho I wished to see moooore. That means Ill be back ;) Ill probably see Bavaria and such if I do.
BUT Im getting homesick now, so I get what I have to do done and go hope happy...

Ive got alot of things to face when I get back:

1. Find a job

Chika Chika yeaaaahhh - Im thinking Queen st. West? why not!
2. Apply to Uni
I think Ive decided oooonnnn University of Toronto. My bff is giving me the book of courses when I get back, as we devour giant ice cream topped waffles at Demetres (:, and I'll pick something..I'll take it like...high school, and just pick what I like. Hopefully it'll guide me into the right direction. I dont know if I want to take Linguistics, but that's not a bad idea....
3. Pack up cuz we're moving!!!
That's right! Im actually terrified, Ive never REALLY moved and I love my house sooo much. But change is good...right? I just dont want a crappy shack inbetween a gas station and a supermarket....LOL tho I will be getting my own place in a few years...I can start early!
But I dont think we're moving for a few months.......

4. MEXIMAS (im so clever)
My mom and I are going to Mehico for Navidad, I hope thats xmas in spanish... Im reaaally excited because Ive never been, and I just read 'On the Road' by Jack Kerouac, tho that shouldnt influence my expectations at all at all at all haha AND my parents used to live in Mexico together, FTW??? Tho I am upset that Im leaving so soon again once I get back, I am excited. And the friends we're staying with seem fun and we're bringing a bunch of stuff to donate to their charity...we'll see what happens, as usual.

Wish me Luck xxox
Un beso mucho caliente!

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Album Reminder

Albums Im thinking of purchasing:

The Kooks
Katy Perry??
The Ting Tings
Tilly and the Wall!!!

Monday, 22 September 2008


So Ive had an account on Youtube for awhile, even posted some videos, but only 3 are worth watching. Paper Trail, Lost Soles and Snow and such things Ive recently been introduced to vlogging though, which is basically blogging by video, and Im kinda interested. Ive been semi-inspired by mememolly, and I just read her blog and she seems uber-fabulous and does so many things...I guess I sorta admire her, tho it seems like money is no object for her.
Everythings good here, I got to go to Lippstadt a few times, and hopefully Ill see Munster and Cologne aswell. This weekend Im thinking about Soest or Paderborn.

Also, I'm hoping my cellphone works in Canada, it was a gift from my moms friend and its triband...Id just need a new Sim card I think. American Dad is on, in German though, so Im not really watching...last thing: As soooon as Im back, Im spending an entire day with my bf!!!!!!!!, then Ill be JOB HUNTING!!!!!, Queen st. west would be fabulous, and Ive already applied to Jacobs, whom I love, basically I just want more clothes...cheaply.

I did something bad once...I bought a dress for a party, wore it, probably sweat in it too, then returned it because I didnt take the tag off...does this make me a bad person?

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Happy Birthday Blog!

Ive been a bad bad blogger and havent written in a long long time.
I am currently aupairing in Germany and wont be returning home until November 3rd. Eek!
In the mean time, why dont you enjoy this completed Masterpiece that I am so very proud of!

Talk to you soon! xxox

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Oh Junebug...

Oh dear! A whole month without a post...I shall post soon (: lots of news!!! Prom, High School is over, Summer so far, Summer a little later...

And Gaard, you're basically the only one who reads this...
I'd LOVE it if you put some of my photographs in your gallery!!!!!! I got lots of good feedback at my school's art show...but it would be good to get some constructive criticism as well.

Leo says heeey!

All the best,

Saturday, 10 May 2008

My Feet Hurt

I spent the morning with my friends filming for the movie we are making. We're still in search of a title though...I'll post it on here when it's done, which should hopefully be in less than a month (: School work is a bit overwhelming - I've got essays and summatives but I think I can handle it.
  • I tried to volunteer for the 2010 Olympics just now...but they won't let me because I'm one year too young...that makes me sad.
  • I'm looking through my photographs to see which I can submit to my school's Art Show(:
  • I'm also trying to have a FILM FESTIVAL started at my school so we can show off our work :P I need a new camera becaaaause mine is like...5 years old and not as functional - but you've served me well little Nikon ^^
  • I found my PROM SHOES (: They're Jessica Simpsons, I had no idea she designed some shoes...but they're exactly what I was looking for.
  • I dislike Walmart - but I like cheap clothes...okay, LOVE CHEAP CLOTHES.
  • Tomorrow's Mother's Day - ugggghhhhhh

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Long time no see

WOW I've been busy! and I haven't written here in awhile either.
I am now 18!!
Woohoo, right?
I can porn, lottery tickets, VOTE and...watched 18+ movies?
School is a bit overwhelming lately but I'll get through it, also the weather is really up and down - I really wish it would make up it's mind.
I've signed up as an AU PAIR and I'm trying to get a job for the summer.
I will miss my boyfriend terribly though...that's the biggest 'con'.

Syncro competition is soon...May 23rd
as well as PROM
which is in LESS than a month!
I have a dress - which I should take pictures of/in - but I need SHOES!!!!! I saw this perfect pair at Value Village, but they didn't fit!

I really like Value Village and I've been going there quite often now. I'm good at finding clothes - I've found lots of labels, including Dolce and Gabanna!
The dress I'm wearing here is from Kensington Market, whom I LOVE.

1. Get through the last days of school.
2. Get through exams.
3. Get driver's license.
4. Get a decent job.
5. Au Pairing.

Thursday, 17 April 2008


My boyfriend drew me this on Msn:

He's so sweet ^^

One Week

In one week I'll be 18!
I feel like I've barely had the chance to be 17!

This month has been pretty busy -
but I've spent some great times with friends.
I went to see Dragonette! ^^

Saturday, 29 March 2008

Shimy Shimy

Yay! I enrolled in Belly Dancing Lessons!
I was on the waiting list so I wasn't sure if I'd make it, but I got an enthusiastic phone call from "Roland" and I'm in!
I took Yoga last year and albeit it amazing, it's a little less exciting. BUT I'm so shy! Hopefully this'll help me with that - as well as tighten my waist :P
Syncro starts Monday! So I wonder what I'll look like with both going on...

Let's see what happens... (:

Wednesday, 26 March 2008


School starts at 12:40 tomorrow, so I am going to have Brunch with my friend Tiffanny (haha - Breakfast at Tiffanny's) - we're going to Sunset Grill again, there's one near my house that I've NEVER been too! Can you believe it? Last time I ordered tooo much French Toast - I'll be careful this time...hmm what will I want tomorrow morning...? Pancakes? Waffles? maybe a Sandwich? Hmmm....
Today I went out with my friend Sarah, who is gorgeous, and I felt pretty gorgeous too because I looked good in my new blue hoodie from Jacob :D It was sunny and somewhat warm - an actual 'spring' day - hopefully it'll be that way from now on.
First we went to 'Sweet Tooth' and had pastries and tea :P yum yum yum! Then we went to The Carrot Common, an all organic/vegan/natural grocery store - and there were these AMAZING perfumes and soaps - I wanted to buy them ALL! Then she bought potatoes...but then we went to Shoppers to the Cosmetic Aisle :P and it was good - she did my makeup and it didn't look bad. Then we went to the Condom Aisle and laughed at the ones called PERFORMAX and the glow-in-dark ones :P I don't know if I should start taking the pill yet...

Anyways, it was a wonderful day.
Except I had a unnecessary fight with my bf...but I guess it's part of relationships.

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Satre/de Beauvoir

I'm in the school library "working" on Philosophy.
I'm unsure whether or not to choose Satre or de Beauvoir.

They are both related: in more ways than one.
Simone de Beauvoir seems interesting because of her ideas in feminism, but Satre is also well known and some of his quotes/theories left an impression on me...

Philosophy is cool - but sometimes I am left feeling 'dumb' because I cannot properly grasp the concepts that some of the philosophers are trying to explain.

For Universtity: I think I might go into General Arts then onto Linguistics...I'm still unsure...

Today I am wearing a new top I bought the other day from Old Navy, it's sooo comfortable and it's got little pockets too! :P

School ends in 60seconds. I'm meeting my bf and we're going to see my friend's kitten! :D

Monday, 24 March 2008


In one month, I will be eighteen!
I can't really believe it, and I'll miss being seventeen.
Lots of amazing things have happend this year, one of them is my amazing boyfriend...
I hope even more amazing things will happen. :)
I've been struggling with decisions about the future, but I've come to some sort of decision. Next year I will be working, starting this year, and I would also like to take some courses in College. I'll look at what George Brown offers...Then I will apply to UofT for a General Arts for 2010 - or maybe I should wait, because I'd REALLY like to work at the Olympics in Vancouver...

I'll figure that one out...
Today I went shopping and have discovered that I LOVE CLOTHES, oh and SHOES too (: I must really get a job, so I feel less guilty when looking at price tags....
Some people have fashion blogs, and I think it's neat, but I don't think I'd ever do it - besides I'm not big on Labels, I wear what I like...
I read on the scroll bar at the bottom of the news that Corinne Bailey Rae's husband died in Leeds :( I almost misread that SHE died :( That would be so sad, she is beautiful and her voice is more so.

Saturday, 1 March 2008

Ujang Suryana

If you keep pressing "unknown" on those 20 Questions games, it first guesses 'nothing', but then it guesses 'hangover'. Which I thought was funny.
I see things...differently, maybe oddly even, some say it's a good thing and maybe they're right. Do you ever experience something and it seems's really happening, and slower; you step away from what's going on and seem to witness the events from another point of view and its It's hard to follow philosophers sometimes, when they have theories about life, because everyone sees reality differently I bet.

Saturday, 23 February 2008


My throat is on fire, I haven't been fully healthy since mid-november. What's going on body!? There's still alot of snow out, but it's getting warmer - ish day by day.
Last Sunday I went to this church called The Meeting House and it was pretty amazing, it is a church for people who do not like church and it is inside a movie theatre :O I'm so glad I went and that my friend introduced me to it and I'm hoping to go tommorow. I kind of really needed somewhere to go, and I'm not into church really, although raised catholic etc. maybe I just needed some sound advice of sorts, ramble ramble ramble.
Last night my bf and I had pizza with grilled chicken, mushrooms and green peppers and it was uber-delicious. I was cleaning my room today and found all these journals and things that I had completly forgotten about, I really need to be more organized...I've got quite alot of homework to do, mostly on Hamlet and Ophelia, but also my french presentation which is on Monday - ugggghhhh - but I like Camille Saint-Saëns, I just hope my throat is alright.


Friday, 8 February 2008

Look up, maybe you just miss the sun...

I haven't been to school in a week or so, I'm so bad, I know.

The doctor says there's something wrong with my white blood cells...we'll see. My doctor is thorough, but he has a weird sense of humour which can get on my nerves...
I miss the sun and the sea. I miss Céfalu and beaches and lying near the pool. I miss bikinis and sandals. I miss the smell of SPF 2, the creepy/cute guys hitting on you, the cold pool water easily obtained in a nearby park...
I miss the summer.

Monday, 4 February 2008

I feel sexy today...

...whether I have Mono or not.

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Window Crystals

Ice is beautiful at times.

Saturday, 2 February 2008


Here are pictures of Mima, the love of my life. She's almost nine I think, and she's getting a bit of cabin fever!
The snow outside is so beautiful, I should go out and take some pictures of it, it's almost perfect. When the weather is like this you only feel like cuddling in bed, so I think that is exactly what I will go do.

I'm not the biggest fan of snow, but it was so fluffy and beautiful. I wish I could go snowboarding or something, maybe I should attempt toboganning sometime soon (:

Friday, 1 February 2008

Well then...

Sorry, I forget to write here... but Happy New Year and Happy February.
I was told the sky fell today, I wonder what will happen now.

Here's a video!

There's a big snow storm today...and something wrong with my tonsils again. Apparently tommorow is Saint..Blaze? who is the Saint of throats, and you can go to church to get your throat blessed! Maybe I should give that a try. Today I also learned about the Roman Lupercal rituals about sacrificing goats for Fertility. Interesting.

Where in the World...

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