Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Le Nez

Hello Stranger.

I got my nose pierced! Omg. I also bought rainboots! Red with polkadots :) Tomorrow is the last day of work for a bit, so I will organize everything now. And since the strike is finally over, I CAN GO SWIMMING! Must buy new camera and start packing, sort of. I'm really excited about Life in general, and want to keep a positive outlook on things and surround my self with positiveness...Has this piercing turned me into a hippie? I want to try one of those 'cleanses' but I don't exactly know how they work, I just feel bloated but that could be anything...Also, I'll be getting my third Gardasil shot this month - I was talking about this with my friends over Turkish Pizza Pida, AMAZING - part of me wishes I hadn't taken it because of the unknown sideffects (ex: what if my children are born with three eyes?) so I guess I will be the one you'll watch to see if Gardasil really works...OKAY not to end each convo with something about Twilight, but really, they're teen romance novels, addictive like caffeine for some, I just want to know how it ends...and I have no fucking IDEA who I'd go for... Jacob would be warmer, but with Edward you would be immortal, techinically. I hate this. Gotta watch season 2 of True Blood now...

Goodnight, Sleep tight, Stranger.

Sunday, 2 August 2009


Few things, I'm a bit tired/frustrated. 4 Birthdays in 3 Days.
San Fran is in 24 days, I can't effing believe it, I've still got a few things to take care of but I'm basically set. I'm meeting Paul ON the flight from Chicago to San Francisco, crazy huh!?
I found 40 bucks on the ground the other night and split it with my friends, but my 20 covered a pair of sandals that were on sale today that I'd been craving for quite some time now. BUT I must get some glamorous galoshes for the festival, they seem like the best option. What else is camera, get hair straightened, a new pair of jeans perhaps and a backpack from MEC.

Gotta study for Bartending Exam but I am le tired. Good on ya mate, I've got Monday off.

Can't wait for UofT.

Also, Kate Hudson is very nice.

Why am I still up?

Where in the World...

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