Friday, 25 December 2009


Between Christmas and I, It's Complicated. Not a big fan, not gonna lie. But...I eventually give in when I think of all the yummy foods I'll be seeing that only come around this time of year.

My room is coming along but I really have too many things. How is it possible since this room is bigger than my last ones? Sadly they all have some meaning related to them...Berlin, Elementary school, jar of rocks from Sicily, Harry Potter craze, Spice Girls slowly but surely, some will have to be eliminated. It might be awhile before my room is exactly as I want it to be. Not a fan of the wall colour either, but that will certainly need to wait.

I've been watching LOST, I want to catch up before the final season. Gosh I love that show so much!! This photograph was taken by Paul at his work in the lab. He's gotten his images in the calendar too! I imagine this one looks a lot like the universe. That reminds me of the ending of MIB.

I've been working hard these past days with barely any breaks inbetween. I seriously need some relaxos! but I really want to get it all done ASAP. School begins the fourth, which is ridiculously lame, and I need to buy my German textbook and my French Culture textbook. I hope I enjoy those classes. My worst case scenario was that I dropped one and take another Science Seminar instead. Thus completing my Science credit. I loved 'Biotechnology and Society', thanks to Paul for making me go for it, rather than 'Marine Animals and their Environments'.

Happy Holidays!

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