Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Monday, 23 February 2009

this week on...

This week this weeek,

1. Stay positive.
2. Go to Innis Hall for (hopefully) free tickets to premiere of THE WATCHMEN!
3. Go to high school to get transcripts with university codes ready. - check!
4. Attempt to begin a video blog.
5. Send 5 postcards.
6. Have no library late fees. - so far so good!
7. Go to U of T chat room. lolorz.
8. First day of once a week au pair job, don't mess up.
9. Keep looking for another job for the other 6 days of the week.
10. Pack Pack Kerouac.


Friday, 20 February 2009

Home at the End of the World

I'm watching a movie with Colin Farrell, where he's bisexual and Sissy Spacek is in it. It's quite depressing actually, which could explain the mood I'm in...

I'm feeling kinda down again, but it's my own fault this time. I'm feeling...uninspired lately, idk if it's just the February blahs. I haven't taken pictures, I need to buy tapes for my camcorder still. I've been somewhat living in the library, much to the suspicion of the newly placed security guard. I went to the doctors yesterday and need bloodwork to check up on my liver. I also found out different options to beat depression, because when I get my period, I get so depressed, so low, it's very terrifying, to have no control over my emotions.

I'm moving April 7th and packing seemed like fun at the time haha, but even my mum is feeling the pressure. My room is a mess but it somewhat makes sense to me.
But there are alot of other things going on, relationship wise, that've got me thinking, just about the future and about ambitions...

I can do this.
I've got to stop writting blah blogs...CHEER UP!

I've applied to university! So there's one great thing to say!
And last night I was in a hot tub with a bunch of friends and it felt amaazing, we should get one for the new house...haha
I'm looking forward to organizing my room in the new house...
I feel like I'll be able to get a fresh new start. Finally.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Wake up!

So Jamie Lynn and Bristol Palin have kids, SO WHAT?
That isn't a reason for you to have a teen pregnancy!!!!!

AH this makes me so maad! I just spent a whole bus ride sitting in front of some white trash girl who was probably my age, but who had twice as many wrinkles as my grandmother, yapping away on her cellphone with 4th grade English, talking about her babies and her babies daddies and aahahahahahahahaaaaaaah! DON'T YOU SEE? GET AN EDUCATION! BE PROUD OF WHO YOU ARE! You can do ANYTHING you want! If you get pregnant young, your life slows way down! There is so much more to life....why won't you realize?


Sunday, 8 February 2009


I can't wait for winter to be over.
I'm having a nervous breakdown.

My lack of school and job is killing me, I need some structure!

I feel that I give my friends alot,
and receive so little back.

Maybe I should be selfish for a little while and just think about making myself happier.

- going to the pool, my body needs it.
- lose some weight, i'll feel better about myself.
- throw out some junk, to feel lighter.
- have a good talk with someone.

I might work as an Au Pair in Toronto soon, but it's not for sure yet. I really do hope they contact me again because I really WANT a job. And not just for the money, though who doesn't like that...

We aren't moving for awhile, but I've been packing alot of my room up.
I've found my camcorder, I want to film and make short things.
My creativeness has gone down so far this year. I've barely taken any pictures.

- buy a tape.
- don't waste your money on anything else.
- find that damn library card you keep losing and tape it to your forehead.


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