Monday, 27 July 2009

ROSI cheeks

So tomorrow morning I pick my courses, I spent the evening figuring it out and I'm hoping I have it. It's not the complete end of the world if I DO change my mind however. And although I need not worry right this second, I believe I will be majoring in Linguistics and European Studies, or maybe minoring in E. S. with another minor in French Lit...oh dear, but there is still time.

I thought New Moon was pretty terrible which doesn't explain why I am halfway through the second one whose name I can't even bother remembering...Eclipse? Who would you choose? I love the sun too much to be a vampire...WHY AM I STILL TALKING ABOUT THIS?!
I cant wait for Time Travelers Wife and Where the Wild Things Are!!! Watched quite a few movies lately, will go see HP on Tuesday, hopefully will manage to sneek in after having seen The Ugly Truth, but don't go telling anyone okay? ;)

Okay here's something completely different...and you shouldn't read this following bit. Okay so I've accepted the fact that girls, women, get their periods, although I am not all "OH I am soo happy every month that I get a reminder as to why women are sooo amazing...", To me it's more like a "oh hey there, you're not pregnant, but you could be...if you wanted worries.'' but what I don't understand is why those days we must have horrible skin and horrible hair aswell...I read a study once that claimed that the pheremone that women let off whilst menstruating ATTRACTS the opposite sex. So basically, although you will feel terrible, have frizzy hair, a giant pimple on your forehead and dehabilitating cramps...some guy will be all oh heeey!" ? Interesting.

I took the Go Train on Saturday and realized how convenient it is, I plan to visit my friend in Hamilton very very soon and I am rather excited because I haven't seen her in so long.

Also, here is a video that my friend made awhile ago and I happen to be in...enjoy!

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