Monday, 27 July 2009

ROSI cheeks

So tomorrow morning I pick my courses, I spent the evening figuring it out and I'm hoping I have it. It's not the complete end of the world if I DO change my mind however. And although I need not worry right this second, I believe I will be majoring in Linguistics and European Studies, or maybe minoring in E. S. with another minor in French Lit...oh dear, but there is still time.

I thought New Moon was pretty terrible which doesn't explain why I am halfway through the second one whose name I can't even bother remembering...Eclipse? Who would you choose? I love the sun too much to be a vampire...WHY AM I STILL TALKING ABOUT THIS?!
I cant wait for Time Travelers Wife and Where the Wild Things Are!!! Watched quite a few movies lately, will go see HP on Tuesday, hopefully will manage to sneek in after having seen The Ugly Truth, but don't go telling anyone okay? ;)

Okay here's something completely different...and you shouldn't read this following bit. Okay so I've accepted the fact that girls, women, get their periods, although I am not all "OH I am soo happy every month that I get a reminder as to why women are sooo amazing...", To me it's more like a "oh hey there, you're not pregnant, but you could be...if you wanted worries.'' but what I don't understand is why those days we must have horrible skin and horrible hair aswell...I read a study once that claimed that the pheremone that women let off whilst menstruating ATTRACTS the opposite sex. So basically, although you will feel terrible, have frizzy hair, a giant pimple on your forehead and dehabilitating cramps...some guy will be all oh heeey!" ? Interesting.

I took the Go Train on Saturday and realized how convenient it is, I plan to visit my friend in Hamilton very very soon and I am rather excited because I haven't seen her in so long.

Also, here is a video that my friend made awhile ago and I happen to be in...enjoy!

Monday, 20 July 2009

Just a Greasy Paperbag

Didn't I tell you?
Didn't I say that everything would fall into place?

I must have, over a million times.

So right now I am back at work which is great and I have made enough money there + being an Extra (I'll see if I can post the episodes when I find them) to cover my San Fran trip, I have purchased my ticket today. I should also have enough for a new Digital Camera and a Net book for University. (I also have enough for University but that's a different account.) Basically I am all set, though I am still working hard...

Monday I will be picking my courses online for University, I'm almost set there are just a few conflicts. After that I will be studying hard for the Bartending Exam which equals private job listings which will hopefully equal job? yes.

In the meantime I have been trying my best to lessen my possessions, I've been bringing books to used books stores and sorting through clothes. With this strike going on it means that we can't get a building permit so the dormer on my room won't be for awhile still but it will help me out greatly to actually have headroom for a desk and possibly a closet...a bathroom would be amazing but not necessary.

I'm half way through New Moon, ha! I like reading books before I see the movies, and I had read Twilight way before it got big, so far it's...frustrating. It's okay but I can't help but have Kristen Stewart act it out in my head and it doesn't fit the way it's written. Also, please don't go see Br√ľno. You don't understand. Borat was better. I've been loading up on DVDs from the library and they've piled up around my TV, among them are the Two Fat Ladies (haha!) and Martha Stewarts Guide to Desserts, you don't understand how amazing it is...

Anyways I must keep going at it...I have a Urban Outfitters Gift Card I have set aside for myself once I complete all my tasks as a prize. Must also remember to pay for Frosh. Superhero themed, how awesome is that?


Thursday, 9 July 2009

Courses of course!

I'm deciding my courses now for University, I'm all GUNG HO about it, though my friends are quietly laughing at me because they've been through first year now.

So just from what I've figured out today, I've
decided on:
  • Sociology
  • Literature for our time
  • Drama

Now I'm considering:
  • Intro to Classics (half course)
  • Intro to Linguistics
  • Art History (half course)
  • Geography somethings...(half courses)
  • something French (must call department...)
I found my summer shorts in a trunk in my room and now they smell like moth balls...eeuuguh. Tomorrow I'm going swimming and I am super duper excited parceque I've wanted to for so long and the stupid strike has all the pools closed.

Movies I want to see:
  • Bruno
  • Harry Potter
  • Time Travelers Wife

  • Into the Wild
  • I Love you, Man
Tv Series I'd like to watch:
  • the rest of House that I've been missing
  • any episodes of The Mentalist I've missed
  • Weeds
  • Six Feet Under
  • keep watching True Blood (OMG)
Basically these two weeks I've had off work have gone by so quickly and I am sad. I should spend Saturday doing those last things I wanted to do, load the credit card so I can buy the ticket, also, I will be a Tv Extra again soon and I am pretty excited, I think it's fun even though it's really slow and you stand around alot. Talk to you later babes.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009


Hey good lookin', why the frown?
you know it's always better when it's upside down.

Those aren't my sunglasses haha awful picture.

I am currently stressing about university as I am choosing my courses. I'm considering Drama, an English Lit of sorts, a History of sorts, something in French and maybe sociology? plus there will be a science seminar in there... My facebook wife explained as much as she could to me in 10 minutes and it made more sense than 3 years of guidance councilors c
ould. luull. Watch me fall for my profs at Uni, just watch. It has already been determined that he must own a boat and be ruggedly handsome.

I must also buy my plane ticket this week. :)

I've got the funds for this trip, though I am still saving up. I'm planning on getting a new Nikon and maybe an Mp3 player, but there is still time...we shall see...blah blah blah. The prepaid credit card I got was really a lame idea unless I only make big purchases on it, because it charges me fifty cents for every transaction, so I'll be loading it up for the plane ticket, then hiding it in my underwear drawer.

Things are a little down lately, for many reasons, one being the strike happening in Toronto for sixteen days now, there is no garbage pickup, the pools are closed and we can't get building permits, so our house is Under Construction. The weather also is not summer weather in the least. We adapt.

In any case, 'good things come to those who wait', right?

The Ultimate Perfect Boyfriend List

under construction...

  • Must own a boat.

Where in the World...

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