Thursday, 17 December 2009


Moved in! Wellll, almost. There's a storage container that needs to be unloaded tomorrow, so that's one more day of extra human strength until I can concentrate on everything else. Lots and lots of unpacking to do still and my crazy ikea bed won't assemble itself, so I need to bring a piece of it all the way to effing ikea to get it unstuck or else replaced, how lame is that? Subway is a five minute walk, and I have yet to find my proper winter coat (erg) so I've been wearing some interesting layers so far. I just lugged home an 18kg box of cat litter looking like a crazy cat lady. My kitty will now have to be an indoor cat sadly, but so far she seems to be coping. She's almost 12 years old in any case, though she still looks and acts like a kitten.

Going to attempt to set up the TV et Al. The rest of the house is starting to work out and I have my own bathroom and walk-in closet which I'm pretty excited about, but setting myself all up is taking quite some time and I'd really like to be done before xmas, especially before I see Paul. :) I've got some pretty neat ideas, but I'll worry about anything major later, as well as when it starts getting warmer. I was planning on hanging Klimt's kiss above my bed, then laying down this orange carpet I've had since my childhood, that has a klimty circle type pattern that could go well. We'll see what happens. But right now what I would like is a proper desk. I need to make sure I'm all set for Uni before it starts again on [sadly] the fourth, since the first is on a friday this year.

I am a constellation of bruises and cuts, I need me some pampering! I'll be soaking in the tub each night until they decide to install water meters in...splish splash! xx

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