Monday, 31 May 2010

Iceland Hour

I was only in Iceland for a very short while but it took me by surprise, not only was the airline amazing and the airport really great, but there was something about their culture that just hit me. I'd like to maybe return some day in the distant future and try the horse back riding, fjord visiting, whale watching, geyser bathing and brennivin drinking...

Lift off...

Saturday, 29 May 2010


I've been rolling away at my luggage and basically done, just need to worry about toiletries, gifts, carry on, money and charging batteries. I've got preflight jitters so I'm eating a big plate of yummy pasta to hopefully make me feel better. I leave on Icelandair and it's five hours to Reykjavik.

I can't believe it's tomorrow....

Before Last

Got the most insane sore throat ever and it burns like hell!!! slightly confused though as it's been so hot lately, I've even gotten some sun. I'm going to try all the things people suggest, like gargling salt water, honey, tea and dissolving a Tylenol into water...ugh, any suggestions?

So I leave tomorrow night, omfg.

Today I must:
  • return all borrowed books and DVDs, etc.
  • go to see my Nonna
  • get my hair straightened?
  • get all flight, travel, numbers written down...
  • sort out money, get some Euros...
  • buy travel insurance?
  • pack!!!!!

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Quick Icelandic

Some useful phrases in Icelandic:
a = like a in father
e = like e in test
i, y = like i in little
u = like German ü in für or French u in tu
ö = like German ö in höher or French eu in neuf
æ sounds like eye
ð = like th in weather (voiced th)
þ = like th in thorn (unvoiced th)
Yes = Já
No = Nei
Thank you = Takk
You're welcome = þú ert velkominn/Gerðu svo vel
Please = Vinsamlegast/Takk

Excuse me = Fyrirgefðu
Hello = Halló/Góðan daginn
Goodbye = Bless

Where is ...? = Hvar er ...?
Airport = Flugvöllur
Departure = Brottför
Arrival = Koma

Help! = Hjálp!

I had no idea Icelandic was this difficult, I doubt there is any way can get past a 'Takk'!

Bon Voyage! Góða ferð! xx

How to Pack...

I was shown this article in the NYTimes that is exactly what I need right now....
A flight attendant demonstrates how to pack enough for 10 days into a standard rolling carry-on...
She tightly rolls everything up and is able to pack: three pairs of shorts, three pairs of dress pants, one skirt, three pairs of casual pants or jeans, three nightgowns, three bathing suits, one sarong, three lightweight sweaters, four dresses, 10 casual shirts, six dress shirts, a clutch, toiletries and two pairs of shoes....which I think is more than enough for 10 days!

She puts the shoes on the sides of the suitcase and then packs from heaviest (jeans, pants...) to lightest and then her toiletries and such on top. I'm going to give this a shot tonight, except my list will be a bit different, such as no nightgowns but more shoes...haha


Tuesday, 25 May 2010


Ooo look at these! Aren't they yummy? I don't know what colour I'd want...
I'm trying to squeeze everything in as much as I can, I feel so unprepared sometimes...Here is a list to help me keep going...

  • Print plane ticket
  • Organize pouch for passport and such
  • Scan investment forms
  • Call Registrars office
  • Go get blood work done
  • Get some Euros
  • Keep packing...
  • Spend a day with Tiffy, Esther and Ash.
  • Clean room.

5 days...

Monday, 24 May 2010

Back from Bracebridge!

Dahling Dahlings! I came back Sunday from an amazing weekend with my friends Sean and Kyle!
Sat on the edge of a rapid...
Attempted driving for the first time...
Went to a casino...

Went horseback riding...


Friday, 21 May 2010


Hey there sexy people!

Welcome new followers!! I'm so happy to have you along :]
I'm off to Muskoka tomorrow with my oldest friend and his boyfriend! 
Who knooows what crazy things might happen!
Weekend starts...nnnNNOW! Have a good one! xx


Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Dearest Blog Readers...I must confess...I am a Fatticus.
Yesterday, we did not end up dancing but rather...
...ate ice cream. 

I KNOW! I KNOW! How awful!!

My friend and I ended up shopping because we'd gone to get some dinner at the Pickle Barrel and the service was so terrible that we ended up too late to make it. I'll have to go in September. It's the next day and I'm still full...detoxxxx. However, I did get some nice purchases, as well as earlier at a thrift store that I will share with you!
This cool Scandinavian Airlines bag (a little ironic right now) for two dollars.
A Diesel green tank top.
A pink ruffly top.
A long heavy cardigan with pockets.
A long beige vest, with pockets, all from Value Village for twenty bucks!
I bought this Italian shirt and my friend got a Jamaican one, so we can cheer on this summer haha

I got flip flops from Old Navy...
...and these are the blue 'Keds' like shoes that I'm inlove with.
I also have these white flats from V.V., I love it when finds are good.

I'm feeling better about this summer, but there are alot of pieces that still need to fall together. Things I need to think about now are:
  • money
  • travel insurance
  • packing
  • being prepared

Today was such a beautiful day, I finished applying for my Italian citizenship at the Italian Consulate, and then slowly walked all the way to work (St. Patricks to Lansdowne!) and even made it there early :] I hope the weather stays like this.


Monday, 17 May 2010


Slept in my new duvet last night! I love it lots, shame I won't be seeing it for so long now haha but it was a great surprise and Mima seems to love it as well...

Sorted through a lot of clothes today, for packing as well as for myself. Bought a few things as well. I can be so stingy with myself sometimes so lately I've had these cravings to blow lots of money, but I think I'll behave. Yesterday I bought a striped dress from H&M and today I bought two pairs of shorts, white ones and green ones that I might return if I see that I don't need them. I've still got lots to sort out, such as the summer clothes that I stored under my bed. I would like to bring as litle as I can, so I'm trying to find clothes that can have multiple uses, I even have a tube top that could double as a skirt.

I found my shorts from last summer and they're all loose on me, which is a good thing but I was hoping I'd have some proper ones that didn't require wearing a belt. Also, I have to promise myself that I won't bring way too many shoes as I have my burgundy converse I'd like to use and I just bought a cheap pair of blue 'Keds' looking ones. My friend told me not to bring my rainboots, though I thought it so appropriate for the festivals and because they're starting to wear out, I could throw them out afterwards, but he said wellies are really cheap and easy to buy so I shouldn't weigh my bag down, trouble is, wouldn't they weigh my bag down on the way back? We'll see how the packing goes...
I'm just "generally" in a good mood, but today I'm really feeling stressed out for too many reasons, but if tomorrow, I manage to do a bunch of errands, because I don't have work, then I know I'll feel much better because it will be a load off my shoulders.  Afterwards I'm meeting my friend Ash for food, maybe a little shopping and a Jive Dance class!? We met this guy at a birthday party a few weeks ago who goes to my Uni and is a part of a dance club there and suggested we come by, so we're giving it a shot! He tried to teach us at the party and I thought Ash did pretty well, but that I was a bit too stiff. I've done lots of dance classes before but never the kind with a dance partner, so I wouldn't mind learning how to dance with another person, might help me loosen up a little...Let's see how that goes... xx

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Lotsa Laundry

Laundry time!

So far it seems all I've been able to pack is jewelry, makeup and bikinis...that won't get me very far will it...

Went out without my lenses yesterday and realized how blind I really am. It made me think about how many things we can do to change our appearances that you don't immediately realize. Even someone like me who wears minimal make up isn't her 'original' self'. I wear contact lenses, I used to dye my hair, like so many others I shave and pluck and all that and also, I rarely leave my hair to its completely air dried curls.

What about you?


Friday, 14 May 2010

Morning Sweep

Spent all morning trying to figure out my university's health plan, I wish I'd done this earlier because I spent so much on prescriptions this year, but I can probably get the receipts and figure something out. I'll also need to figure out my travel insurance, either from Travel Cuts or this uni one...So much to do and so little time!!
Gonna do a little packing before work now because I've done very little and if I'm not working tomorrow I must do a big clean sweep of my room to do some more packing and sorting and donating away. I always get told that I have a lot of stuff and I don't deny it and what's crazy is I gave away or tossed out so much but it never seems to make a big enough difference. Clutter Clutter Clutter. It's not like I need or use all of this stuff so why is it still here? Sentimentality probably. But seeing it all around me only makes me cry, and they aren't tears of happiness or nostalgia...haha

Anyways...on with this beautiful day, it's finally sunny outside and the wind is so pleasant.  xx

Bring empties to the Beer Store
Bring clothes and VHS tapes to Value Village
Sort out all surfaces
Return all borrowed books

Thursday, 13 May 2010


I've really got a thing for ruffles suddenly, look at these lush pieces from Jacob...and I love grey and pink together. I've really got to go through my closet....
I need to go shopping soon times!! x


There's just something about Breakfast that can determine the rest of your day...

Woke up decently early and got loads done which makes me super happy. Saw the hockey game at a friends house last night (Go Habs!) and pigged out on Cheetos, whose orangey cheese goodness hasn't touched my lips in far too long...mmm. Started packing and I remembered how much I LOVE PACKING! I don't know why, just something about it makes me giddy, but this time I really have to be a good girl and not go too crazy. I like to TRY and imagine I'm one of those people who could live out of a suitcase or a backpack haha. I've discovered a bunch of new amazing blogs I'm following and am all caught up on the shows I'm watching. All I need to do now is keep packing and make it to the Italian Consulate ASAP! xx

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

View from the Top

I had an amazing couple of days and now it's full throttle mode to get everything done before I leave. I keep forgetting how little time I have, basically just TWO weeks and I need to get so much done!!!!

Doctor's appointment
Blood Tests
CT Scan 
Seeing some friends
 University documents
A little shopping
Tax things
Money planning

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Picking Paul up from the airport tonight! x

Where in the World...

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