Tuesday, 30 June 2009

I kick Balderd-ass

Hey hot stuff,
long time no see.
how's it going?

Lots has happened lately, most of it would SEEM horrible, but in the end it's really really great/good for me...if only I could see that now...instead of eating a whole loaf of banana bread. NOT. I made hummus and babaganoush as well, and garlic bread, which disapeared in a matter of miliseconds. I don't know what all the cookings about, but I like it! It's distracting me from my woes.
I've got these next two weeks off work and I am now surely addicted to True Blood now, I've been watching it online to my discretion as it is basically porn...And have you SEEN Hugh Jackman in Australia? OMG. Great movie.

I must have said this a million times, but I'm really excited about meeting people at uni, I feel like I'll make my very 'own' friends, instead of having to be 'integrated' into a 'premade' group of friends. What's with all the air quotes? I just want a hug. Honestly. I wish people were more touchy feely. Maybe I'll try and have a cuddle party of sorts, except my house is so horrible...awkward now, though I guess it is more cozy then the old one, plus people will get the wrong impression. I've been accused of stealing people's boyfriends on more than one occasion and it has started to make me wonder if there is something wrong with ME. Now that I am single it is more plausible, but still...chill. I am not like that.

...I just can't wait till the renos are done.

Can't wait for San Fraaaancisco!

To do soontimes
-Use Urban Outfitters gift card.
-Apply for part time anywhere.
-Organize books and films.
-Go to bed early for once.

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