Thursday, 9 July 2009

Courses of course!

I'm deciding my courses now for University, I'm all GUNG HO about it, though my friends are quietly laughing at me because they've been through first year now.

So just from what I've figured out today, I've
decided on:
  • Sociology
  • Literature for our time
  • Drama

Now I'm considering:
  • Intro to Classics (half course)
  • Intro to Linguistics
  • Art History (half course)
  • Geography somethings...(half courses)
  • something French (must call department...)
I found my summer shorts in a trunk in my room and now they smell like moth balls...eeuuguh. Tomorrow I'm going swimming and I am super duper excited parceque I've wanted to for so long and the stupid strike has all the pools closed.

Movies I want to see:
  • Bruno
  • Harry Potter
  • Time Travelers Wife

  • Into the Wild
  • I Love you, Man
Tv Series I'd like to watch:
  • the rest of House that I've been missing
  • any episodes of The Mentalist I've missed
  • Weeds
  • Six Feet Under
  • keep watching True Blood (OMG)
Basically these two weeks I've had off work have gone by so quickly and I am sad. I should spend Saturday doing those last things I wanted to do, load the credit card so I can buy the ticket, also, I will be a Tv Extra again soon and I am pretty excited, I think it's fun even though it's really slow and you stand around alot. Talk to you later babes.

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