Thursday, 29 October 2009

Ello elle lit t'es a...

Bonjour monde, how goes it?
Reading Lolita. Not sure what my opinion is yet, I know most are against it, but his writing is good, I enjoy reading it whatever the subject matter seems to be.
Staying sane, but life is good. If we are moving again, I don't mind, because it means less chaos once it's over. I'm so busy lately that I'm barely home in any case. I should get to planning Christmas, I think it'll be Havana, I hope its not too late for a good deal.
Cirque du Soleil ends November 8th, I wish I could follow them to San Francisco, but I'm only dreaming. Maybe next time... Going to be job hunting again.
Excited for Halloween :) Pretty happy with my costume, hope it goes well. Est-ce que tu as peur des mechants esprits? Oh Madame, oui oui oui oui oui!

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