Wednesday, 27 May 2009

The Fishwives.

I took photographs for my friends' band, The Fishwives, a few weeks ago before their concert at the Opera House.

Check out more photographs here.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

The Worlds Best Orange Juice: Coatzacoalcos, Mexico

The sketchiest places in Mexico happened to be the most delicious. I went to this lady for Orange Juice everyday for a month, delicious.

ok ok ok ok

It's gonna be so great. I love my P.P.Paul.

I've been reading a guide book, love the history! Though there are things I must research Jack London and Gertrude Stein and Harvey Milk...

So now I've gotten a second job at a restaurant and I'm super nervous but super excited, I start Sunday, then Monday I start my nanny job. HURRAY!

And I went to Uni today and no one knew where my college registry was so I had to wander around quite a bit, but it was very enjoyable. Tomorrow I'll be seeing my THIGH at the art show, can't wait!!!

I'm watching the Obama Deception. Nuuuuuugghhhh.

Monday, 25 May 2009

Dear June,

Don't make it sad.

June 1st
I've got a job as a Nanny/Mother's Helper for the cutest little kid who is only 2.5, but speaks 3 languages! I will still look around for other part time jobs...
June 9th
: Bartending School begins.

Today I met my lovely friend Sarah at the Royal York and she painted my thigh and photographed me for her Art Summative, I'll be seeing all the finished work on Tuesday, I can't wait. As for Uni, I'm slowly but surely figuring it all out. So far I want to take:
  • a french class
  • a lit class
  • a history class
  • sociology
  • drama!!
  • geography???
I'll figure out the rest later...Other than that everything else is working out, the house is coming along, my mum had a housewarming thing yesterday and I plan to have one soontimes.

AAAHH!!! All I keep thinking about is SAN FRANCISCO! But I musn't, I really musn't so much...The lineup is really good though, there's MIA and Bat for Lashes and Jason Mraz...!It's basically all taken care of by my wonderful pen pal Paul, but now I must worry about a ticket there, getting a few things for myself, most importantly: a Credit Card :)

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

May - To do

My life is a series of to do lists...
  • Organize NXNE fest stuff. CHECK
  • Pay off library debt. CHECK
  • Get prepaid credit card. CHECK, though now ive got a real one
  • Get Smart Serve. CHECK
  • Go to Optometrist. CHECK
  • Get Contact Lenses. CHECK
  • Relax about San Fran...
  • ...but keep researching. CHECK
  • Fix/Buy bike. CHECK, but needs to be refixed
Major Purchases soontimes...
  • Contact Lenses. CHECK
  • Awesome sneakers.
  • Another pair of shoes. CHECK?
  • Mp3 Player.
  • Camera, possibly nikon coolpix? CHECK, lumix
  • Sunglasses. CHECK?

Lucky Ladybugs

Dearest Blog,
today was a very lucky day. As walking back from the Danforth Market I noticed a sign reading "WAITRESS WANTED", so I went in and talked to the owner and hurray! I could potentially be hired! Also, I got free mayonnaise at Sobeys, saw my Aussie friend on the streetcar and then a ladybug landed right on my forehead. Tomorrow is my nanny job interview, wish me luck!

Dearest Blog,
I have learnt the hard way how cruel the world can be.

I have decided to expect nothing from others and as my boyfriend suggested, to 'take everything with a grain of salt'. BUT I will not let the world rain on my parade. And I will always hope for the good in people.

Dearest Blog,
it has come to my attention that I do in fact possess many of the qualities that, without prior knowledge have been previously possessed by my father.
After years of "you're just like your father", it has become clear that I AM "just like my father", although being "just like him" without my knowledge. Albeit some of the qualities are not positive ones, one cannot help but wonder if these traits are passed down genetically since having not "lived" my father, I cannot know all his characteristics and habits.

Yours Sincerely,
The Generous Thief

Friday, 15 May 2009

If you're going to SAN FRANCISCO... sure to wear flowers in your hair.

HEY! So there's still loads to do around here, but my room is looking great and so is the rest of the house. We've basically finished unpacking, except for some of the basement, and my mum is getting estimates for some things that need to be done around the house...ITS LOOKING GREAT :D
AND GUESS WHAT?! My pen pal Paul and I are (hopefully/most likely) going to the Outside Lands Music Fest in San Francisco!

  1. Research plane ticket.
  2. Research hostel/motel/etc.
  3. Get MEC bag for the trip.
  4. Get contact lenses >.<
  5. Better camera, yes? no?
  6. Decide what to bring but bring as little as possible.
  7. Contact cousins in California.
  8. Get some kind of 'Guide to San Fran'.
  9. Don't faint when you finally meet pen pal.
So I'm trying to figure things out for that while fixing up my room which looks/will look really cool/bohemian :D ALSO, I've found a nanny/mother's helper JOB :D Although it wasn't what I was looking for for the summer, the kids seems so sweet, the hours perfect and...the pay would be...delicious...ssh. IN THE MEAN TIME, I'm still looking as well as once Bartending school is complete + Smart Serve obtained, I can find a job at a restaurant, which I would not mind one bit...
  1. Golden Gate Bridge
  2. Haight Street.
  3. Berkeley Campus.
  4. Street markets?
  5. Benefit?

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Things I love right now...

Indian Naan bread.
Grapefruit Soda.
My passport.
Michael's eyebrows.
Having shaved gams.
Bacardi Mix.
Gyros at Messinis at 2 in the morning.
My cat's expanded vocabulary.
The weather.
Summer dresses,
The fact that the kitchen is almost done...
...which means we can finally unpack,
My new room.
The Mentalist.
Value Village.
Audrey Hepburn.

Friday, 1 May 2009

Kay Sirrah

So it's May...

The new house isn't so it? there's just so much work to do...I'm a little depressed though, because since the kitchen's being done, the rest of the house is in shambles with a thick layer of drywall dust on top.

At least my room is basically settled. Though I've seriously got to organize it so people can come visit. The movers wouldn't bring my chest of drawers upstairs, so now we'll see what we'll do about that...and there's got to be a way to avoid having raccoons trying to break into the window at three in the morning...

In the mean time I've been quite lazy, not gonna lie.

BUT today I enrolled in bar tending school, though it won't begin till June 9th. I must continue the job hunt, I've contacted my temp agency, hopefully I'll get some work from them, I must now print some resumes and wander around the neighbourhood. I'm also considering volunteer work, perhaps feeding kittens at the humane society, though I'll probably cry each time that I can't take them home... Besides, my volunteer work hasn't gotten me far regarding job interviews.

My mum and I wouldn't mind going to Cuba sometime soon, but with the Swine Flu Fear, we aren't quite sure. There have been...13 or so cases reported in Canada, and I read it's reached Israel and New Zealand, ftw, I don't know if it's as severe as SARS actually, I think I was in Italy during that, or maybe I was in Italy during the blackout, so sad I missed that actually, they should have one every year...

Anyways, I feel that today has given me a little nudge into the right direction, aka the 'let's not lie in bed all morning watching Tyra Banks and Rachael Ray, shave your legs and get out of the house! ' direction :)

I'm happy applying to Uni is done, now I can calmly read the 'next step' information and apply for osap.

For now, I'll just get swimming back into my routine, I haven't been since February and although I've lost weight from this hectic move, I haven't really exercised...

Goodnight you.

Where in the World...

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