Monday, 14 December 2009

On the Move

Moving day is tomorrow, as usual paranoid about being ready and what not. blah blah blah. just want it to be over with but am pretty excited about setting myself up again. I just want to get as much done as I can before the Winter semester starts up again. I miss Weeds, will you come back to meee? Read and watched the Secret Life of Bees, so beautiful. Now I'm on Shopgirl, crazy novella, is Steve Martin like a secret pervert or something? lol love it though. Looking forward to that movie that Dakota and Kirsten are in, The Runaways.
Did I tell you I am a Beer Pong Champion? Add THAT to the resume bitches :] I feel like 2010 will be my friend.
Went to a Thomas Cook Travel company's Christmas dinner with my friend Teague and it was so much fun and I got an insiders look inside the travel agents perspective too, as well as what an Open Bar does to I think I might apply to be a flight attendant right after University, just as a step in some direction while do you say...''am putting on my shoes''.
Got a really rude comments by my ex who I've been trying to be friends with, but I guess I just shouldn't waste my energy when all I get in return is negativity. I've clearly been asked to remove myself from the friend circle and have decided to stop trying to befriend people who can't admit they just don't like me. Talking about this sounds so ridiculous which is why I try and avoid the discussion. But I feel that with this move and with this ''revelation'' of sorts, I am growing.
We'll see what happens next...Cheers! xx


Dihturnoaidi said...

I tried to be friend with an ex, too. Somehow, it always ended up with a big clash. And it didn't take long, either. So I'm not trying that anymore. I am not at all in touch with her friend circle, thank goodness.

I am in touch with some of my friends' ex'es, though. Never had any problem with that. At least as long as I don't put them in the same room. But basically, it's up to each individual who they want to socialize with, and no third person has the right to dictate anything.

That said, a lot of people can smile to your face and stab your back afterwards. I hate that. But as long as I do what I know is right, then whatever other people do is their problem.

Dihturnoaidi said...

(Just have to add one more comment just to make sure I get follow-ups by email. I forgot to check that box off the first time...)

Just a Generous Thief said...

Thanks! <3

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