Thursday, 18 June 2009

Harvey Wallbanger

Hey there, I got trial contact lenses today :)
I'm not so good at taking them out yet, the optometrist had to pry open my eyelids and do it himself after my 1043 failed attempts. BUT I LOVE THEM!! Gotta stop staring at people though...

Things on my to do list are slowly being done, I'm going to bartending school tomorrow, we made real drinks and shots last time and they were delicious. Yes, I was tipsy.

Cherry Blossom: Cherry Brandy + Dark Cacao Liqueur
Carrot Cake: Kahlua + Baileys + a little Goldschlagger.

Anyways, tomorrow I'm booooking it to NXNE right after, because I'm selling wristbands and stuff!!! YAY!!! I'm gonna try and see Japanther and Ume, but it'll be hard, I get an all access pass, but there aren't that many things I want to see, Melissa Auf der Mar will be at YADsq so I don't have to go anywhere, and I've already seen Dragonette, maybe Switchfoot? AIDS Wolf, DD/MM/YY...
UUUMMMMmmm yeah.
Everythings good, figuring out my ticket to san fran. Worst worry atm is about OSAP for uni, as well as spending more time to choose my courses/programs, arg PANIC ATTACK MOFO!!!
Watched Goodfellas, awesome. Started Milk, along the San Fran theme it so far. There are a few other things I wanna see/read. I KNOW that we won't get to see EVERYTHING in San Fran, because of the awesome/awkward lineup, but I'll try my best. Defo: Jack Kerouac Alley + a photo infront of City Lights for Leher. I'll try and keep a journal. Maybe just keep on going from my Mexico one, I'm REALLY awfull at continuing journals, I get 2 weeks in then it fades should work with San Fran though, being only 4 days. EEEK I'M SO EXCITED! But I've got to relax because it's not till the end of summer. I'd like to get to Montreal this summer, maybe through a rideshare or the cheap one dollar bus rides. Let's see what happens...for now I must concentrate on everything UNIVERSITY related.Live long and Prosper.

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