Monday, 2 November 2009

Ooga Chaka

superficial zaaannninesss,
I'm really stressed out with University but I just need to concentrate and prioritize, I've partied every night lately, so tonight...I will leave Italian early with a appropriate swine flu related excuse and head home to sort out my life and NOT go to Andy Poolhall to party...Halloween was fun, and I had so much fun with the people I met at work these past two or so months, I'm going to miss work so so much.

You know what comes next...
  • Biotech presentation is number one
  • Literature essay
  • Biotech essay sources
  • Print Socio slides
Paul is coming to visit on the 25th, super excitement!!! Also, I'm moving again, the place 'sounds' great, three bedroom apartment with my own walk in closet and bathroom, but the area isn't so nice. I just hope that I can make the space mine and feel free and have time for all my interests. Need to be more selfish but more productive.

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