Monday, 12 October 2009


Hello you,
I am in Ames, Iowa. Yes. I've been here for almost a week and it's been amazing, it's so great to find such genuinely good hearted people. The silence has made it so serene. It's all got me thinking, about everything oddly enough, and about the future. I've got lots of sorting out to do when I get back home, but it will feel so so good when I'm done. I might be moving again, we shall see, but I feel I've got a nomadic soul, I think I'm going to join the foreign service. One step at a time...
Tonight we went to the Symphony and there was a deaf woman who played all the percussion, it was amazing. She just slid onto the stage shoeless in a blue dress with long grey hair like she was possessed from one side of the stage to another and the ending was amazing with the sound resonating for such a long time.

And as per usual, here is a random bullet list to help keep my head on my shoulders. This one will most likely not make much sense, but bearrrr with me, rawr.
  • take spanish next year?
  • look into via rail across canada
  • barcelona
  • around the world ticket
  • foreign service??
  • do you still want to be a flight attendant?
  • how to become a conductor
  • brrazil!
  • watch the godfather
  • buy new boots
  • write more letters
  • keep downsizing
  • take better care of yourself
  • more blog entries...


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