Thursday, 1 April 2010


24 followers in time for my birthday on the 24th! Must plan soon as I am running out of time!

Life is hectic but I am happy. Last class of the year tomorrow night, then exams throughout April but hopefully adequately spread apart. My incoming income has let me afford purchasing a flight to Europe! However it came to 666.00, and I'm not sure if I should take that as a bad omen, what do you think? I'm almost hoping there's some kind of tax or handling fee that'll round it a little bit.
Basically things on my to do list are getting down and I'm feeling somewhat in control. It's my mom's birthday soon and she's bought herself a laptop. I'm thinking of picking her up chocolate, a new cheek blush, lobster dinner and...I'll hopefully come up with more...

What do I want for my birthday? I'll write out a list soon enough.

Also, randomly got a free bike yesterday! It's got racing handlebars and it's light blue. I'll post some photos soon, it'll be my new activity will be to fix it up with my friend BG. He and a few of his friends are participating in the 2011 Ride to Conquer Cancer! Here is their FB Group.

Now that uni is basically done for awhile I can concentrate on my life, my room, my to do list and on my summer plans.

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