Thursday, 22 April 2010


This is basically where I live...
Here I am again, NOT studying, lurking on facebook and downloading music from my fav new artists and such and then some. I got my hair straightened today, I look so different...I'm looking forward to tomorrow LAST EXAM being over with, Adios German!, and then doing some shopping and then hanging out with some friends and then and then and's my birthday :)
HOW GIRLY DOES THAT SOUND? I love it. I haven't been girly in so freaking long and I don't care. I want to surround myself with nothing but good things and I've been deeply inspired by an author or two, that I will share bits on here later on as I feel that things are going to be okay. And I'm okay with okay right now.

How lame is it that I'm so desperate to procrastinate that I'm itching to completely clean my bathroom from top to bottom?? And you know what's worst? since there is no time to do it tomorrow (slash not ruin my luscious locks), and obviously not on my birthday because who cleans their bathroom on their birthday, right? and then not the day after because it's my friends birthday and who wants the first thing they do once they're twenty to be bathroom cleaning, right? So this means I won't be able to (able to?) until Monday! I think there's something wrong with me...(clearly)

Wanted to plan an impromptu trip to Florida but Tallahasee is sooo much more expensive than Jacksonville, unless there's like a bus or it's cool to hitchhike, I don't think I can visit my friend. Hopefully in the near post-summer future.

I'm happy for the new followers though saddened that they are invisible! Welcome to my blog ghostwriters! Don't mind me...xx

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