Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Birthday Wishlist 2010

Dearest Universe, here is my birthday wishlist....

  • more laughter
  • more good memories
  • plane tickets
  • travel guides
  • a bottle of febreeze
  • exciting experiences
  • a really expensive haircut
  • iPod gel case
  • bike chain, bike parts
  • Ikea duvet covers
  • gifts from Sephora
  • a necklace with my name on it
  • Moroccan Hair Oil
  • a magazine subscription
  • clothes, jewelry, perfume, whatever.
  • gift cards for clothes, shoes...
  • a patient friend who will help me sort my closet/life
  • dinner with you!
  • Paul

1 comment:

Aku said...

That's a great wishlist. Hope you'll get every single thing on it!

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