Thursday, 8 April 2010

Waffly Mamasita

For my mum's birthday, I brought her breakfast in bed, then we went to Le Commencal, an buffet with an amazing vegetarian/vegan/etc. buffet where they weigh your plate as the price. I'm considering taking Paul there when he comes in May. For my birthday I was planning on Mani/Pedis then Dinner, then a Pub. I hope it works out.

Inspired by helping out the woman I work for with sorting out and labeling boxes and boxes of baby clothes, I did a CRAZY run through of my closet and put tags up and everything and made a whole basket of potential goodbyes.  Actually spending a little bit more time on my outfits (which sounds so superficial, I know) but it brightens my life just enough and I really need all the brightening I can get. 

 Wanted to buy a navy blue dress because I saw it on 90210 and because I want to wear more dresses but then I found this long tshirt dress that belonged to my mom with a Cleopatra-like bead embroidered neck, it seems like this month, the things I'm wishing for are coming true or are right under my nose...if only that were true about other things in my life. 

Also I went to see my Nonna who is back from the hospital and then I was invited by my friend Shannon to see
 "I'm So Close" , it was amazing, and so relevant to my life that I began to cry. I can't even describe it...

First exam is in 2 hours, wish me luck! xx

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