Sunday, 18 April 2010

Past Tense

As if things couldn't get any worse, my netbook broke in THE most ironic fashion. The little heart decal I had placed on it somehow cracked the screen after months and months of it being there, ironically within the same HOUR that my OWN heart shattered quite a great deal more than it had already been shattered due to some devastating event that I am not evil enough to share with you.
Also ironic, I stumbled across my old blog and found myself giving advice that I was really needing, thanks 2004 self!

In any case, my brother is helping me out with that on Tuesday by getting me an early birthday present and using my old netbook as an external hardrive, so dear Tuesday self remember the following things:

  • Hometown Glory by Adele
  • Shine 2009 - Higher
  • Start studying German, meet up with Gareth.
  • Get your hair done on Thursday
  • Confirm restaurant + Silver tips + Old Nick
  • shop for Ashley's gift and possible dress
Fourth exam tomorrow, wish me luck! I'm actually kind of feeling okay about this one...xx

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