Wednesday, 10 March 2010


So many things to do and yet writing a blog entry???
  1. make yourself lunch
  2. prepare for hot yoga sesh with Madeline
  3. followed by open mic night at the Cats Eye
  4. leave note for mom so as not to worry
  5. make a note of a typical toiletry bag
  6. copy sociology notes
  7. catch up on sociology readings
  8. catch up on french + english books
  9. start packing for NYC + camera ready
  10. check out guide some more
  11. get ticket information ready
  12. get bus terminal info ready
  13. get hotel information ready
  14. American cash?
  15. return TShirt to Bluenotes
  16. whilst at Mall, check out cellphone plans
  17. fill out SWAP or Work Visa information
  18. breathe.
  19. give room a clean
I think that'll do for now...on to that sandwich...

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