Wednesday, 24 March 2010


The sun is so bright out today, warming my skin, dancing on my fingers. But I am numb inside, broken and twisted and torn and I don't know what to do. I've lost my grip on everything and I don't know how I will get it back. If I don't take control of my life again, I might not ever. I don't do my work, all I do is sleep, I miss my appointments, I don't do anything to please my personal interests, there is no effort in anything...something needs to be done. And now the biggest part of my life, that was helping me find my way has gone and left me and I don't know what to do. I'm just a chef's salad of emotions with the most confusing vinaigrette that's ever been bottled. I need to take action, things need to change and work and most of all, I need you back.

I hate how depressing this note sounds but blogs like these can't always be sunshine and bunnies because this is life. Things happen and you can't have the light without the darkness. 

i do want to be with him
he's changed my life for the better
he's given me things i didn't think i ''deserved''
he's convinced me of how great life can be and how i can do anything
and I want to share  it all with him
 - thats amazing
 I wish he'd believe me when i said it 


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"Pretty Perfect Pensive Playful Platypus" said...

oh my love <3 I wanna help you but that is exactly how I myself feel. I need to come see you soon! Lots of Love Forever and Ever <3
Can we be old friends that meet up for tea and euchre? except not euchre cuz I dunno how to play. OH and we must wear BIG HATS!
Gosh i miss you.

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