Saturday, 20 March 2010


It's 2:22pm and my essay is still not complete.

...Il me faut un peu de musique pour me mettre en garre...

I have soooo many fricking clothes, yet I never really make the time to get dressed and when I do, I feel like I always have nothing to wear.

But I've heard this is a common female dilemma.

Clubbing last night made me realize I need more shoes, if not more appropriate and different ones. I've decided that in a couple weeks times, I'll give myself a spending limit and go shopping but not before I eliminate more things from my closet, and also make more space...

In any case, am going rambo and doing some laundry and giving my bathroom a well needed scrub and such before returning to my essay.

Paul heard that plane ticket prices are updated Sunday at midnight, so I'll have to organize myself tomorrow night to see whether the price for the flight I want will go up or down.

Do you like comics? I like comics, more so graphic novels and I can't wait for the time to start reading again! The pile on my bedside table reaches my hip bone :] Also, have removed music box from my blog as it wasn't very useful, and if anything, annoying for anyone unwarned about turning down their speakers.

Generally feeling better about things, but still need to get this essay out of the way!!!


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