Wednesday, 3 March 2010

My Skin

I have been bedridden since Sunday.
I feel like I've wasted away and missed out on my life/the first days of March.
And the weather is [somehow] so nice all of a sudden, a friend of mine went so far as to organize his Parkour meets downtown already. What happend while I was asleep?? Did Global Warming say:
''Oh Goody! She's paralyzed...let's melt all the snow while she's incapable of going out to feel the sunshine on her skin, and all the people can go have fun while she shivers and sweats in her duvet...[evil global warming laugh i'm assuming would go here].

Can you tell I'm ill? If you could see my face, which I pray to Alanis you can't, you would think I was 80, though I think I'll look much better when I'm 80...Actually, I'm pretty certain of it.
Sad to say, the other day I took a cue from my cat and dragged my useless body to the ground where I lay with a patch of sunshine in my face. Cat's are smarter that you think...okay, let's not get into that again.
I hope the weather stays, I don't feel like wearing big coats ANY-MORE! Usually when I'm sick I somehow have the urge to clean EVERYTHING, which NEVER happens. And considering I hadn't been actually ill 2008 and packed, unpacked and moved two dreadful surroundings are still a big mess, but they're getting better!! I promise! I've been following the one in two out rule I made up.
BASICALLY like watched way too many episodes of Skins, which is up and down. But I think I've pulled a Madonna and started "speaking" 'English'. I wonder what my sexy brit man would think of that...

I promise I'll make it up to you life, I do...and hopefully soon your lips will be graced by the lovely newly arrived Dark Cherry Mocha...mmm
x cheerz mate!


SophieGrace said...

Aww hope you get better soon! Im ill aswell but my mother has only just let me have the day off school.

Shops that are worth a visit:
-Topshop on Oxford street as its hugee!
-Selfridges and Harrods are fun to look around as they are full of designer things.
-Westfield has a whole range of shops from high street to designer.
-Bond Street
-Oxford street
-Theres this really cool shop in covent garden called Artbox that sells loads of cute stationary and stuff ( Theres also a great atmosphere there and normally street performers.
Hope that helped!

LoriElsa said...

I don't envy you in the least.

Maybe you should hire a massage therapist.

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