Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Worldly Tuesday

Life is crazy...crazy good.

I stage managed a play this weekend and I realized how much I miss working in theater/shows. I had the opportunity to fully orchestrate lights, sound and cues. Everyone there was amazing and hopefully it'll open doors for more opportunities to work there, plus I met some really incredible people I can't wait to see again.

Now I'm taking care of essays and meeting so many new people, it makes me so happy. I spent a good hour cleaning my apartment and am super excited to have people over soon. Time has flown by so fast!! My mother will return from her travels in just a few weeks! Here are some photos she sent me...can you guess where in the world she is now??

Sometimes I wonder if I take Toronto for granted. In class today, there was a guy visiting from the British Virgin Islands considering coming to my Uni and he told me he's really overwhelmed because there are more people here than on his entire island! I guess once you live here, you don't realize how overwhelming and big it can be. Though it's funny because both times I've been to New York, I've felt overwhelmed and like a 'fish out of water', but it's probably very similar to Toronto once you've lived there for awhile. But I do feel like I take advantage of my city, going to it's events, concerts, shows, festivals...trying out the food, discovering new places...but for some reason I don't quite picture myself living here in the future...Was ist die Zukunft?

Happy Essay Writing xx

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