Saturday, 23 February 2008


My throat is on fire, I haven't been fully healthy since mid-november. What's going on body!? There's still alot of snow out, but it's getting warmer - ish day by day.
Last Sunday I went to this church called The Meeting House and it was pretty amazing, it is a church for people who do not like church and it is inside a movie theatre :O I'm so glad I went and that my friend introduced me to it and I'm hoping to go tommorow. I kind of really needed somewhere to go, and I'm not into church really, although raised catholic etc. maybe I just needed some sound advice of sorts, ramble ramble ramble.
Last night my bf and I had pizza with grilled chicken, mushrooms and green peppers and it was uber-delicious. I was cleaning my room today and found all these journals and things that I had completly forgotten about, I really need to be more organized...I've got quite alot of homework to do, mostly on Hamlet and Ophelia, but also my french presentation which is on Monday - ugggghhhh - but I like Camille Saint-Saƫns, I just hope my throat is alright.


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