Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Satre/de Beauvoir

I'm in the school library "working" on Philosophy.
I'm unsure whether or not to choose Satre or de Beauvoir.

They are both related: in more ways than one.
Simone de Beauvoir seems interesting because of her ideas in feminism, but Satre is also well known and some of his quotes/theories left an impression on me...

Philosophy is cool - but sometimes I am left feeling 'dumb' because I cannot properly grasp the concepts that some of the philosophers are trying to explain.

For Universtity: I think I might go into General Arts then onto Linguistics...I'm still unsure...

Today I am wearing a new top I bought the other day from Old Navy, it's sooo comfortable and it's got little pockets too! :P

School ends in 60seconds. I'm meeting my bf and we're going to see my friend's kitten! :D

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