Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Long time no see

WOW I've been busy! and I haven't written here in awhile either.
I am now 18!!
Woohoo, right?
I can porn, lottery tickets, VOTE and...watched 18+ movies?
School is a bit overwhelming lately but I'll get through it, also the weather is really up and down - I really wish it would make up it's mind.
I've signed up as an AU PAIR and I'm trying to get a job for the summer.
I will miss my boyfriend terribly though...that's the biggest 'con'.

Syncro competition is soon...May 23rd
as well as PROM
which is in LESS than a month!
I have a dress - which I should take pictures of/in - but I need SHOES!!!!! I saw this perfect pair at Value Village, but they didn't fit!

I really like Value Village and I've been going there quite often now. I'm good at finding clothes - I've found lots of labels, including Dolce and Gabanna!
The dress I'm wearing here is from Kensington Market, whom I LOVE.

1. Get through the last days of school.
2. Get through exams.
3. Get driver's license.
4. Get a decent job.
5. Au Pairing.

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