Monday, 20 October 2008

2 Weeks and Meximas

Only two weekS until Im back home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Im loving it here and Ich liebe Deutschland, tho I wished to see moooore. That means Ill be back ;) Ill probably see Bavaria and such if I do.
BUT Im getting homesick now, so I get what I have to do done and go hope happy...

Ive got alot of things to face when I get back:

1. Find a job

Chika Chika yeaaaahhh - Im thinking Queen st. West? why not!
2. Apply to Uni
I think Ive decided oooonnnn University of Toronto. My bff is giving me the book of courses when I get back, as we devour giant ice cream topped waffles at Demetres (:, and I'll pick something..I'll take it like...high school, and just pick what I like. Hopefully it'll guide me into the right direction. I dont know if I want to take Linguistics, but that's not a bad idea....
3. Pack up cuz we're moving!!!
That's right! Im actually terrified, Ive never REALLY moved and I love my house sooo much. But change is good...right? I just dont want a crappy shack inbetween a gas station and a supermarket....LOL tho I will be getting my own place in a few years...I can start early!
But I dont think we're moving for a few months.......

4. MEXIMAS (im so clever)
My mom and I are going to Mehico for Navidad, I hope thats xmas in spanish... Im reaaally excited because Ive never been, and I just read 'On the Road' by Jack Kerouac, tho that shouldnt influence my expectations at all at all at all haha AND my parents used to live in Mexico together, FTW??? Tho I am upset that Im leaving so soon again once I get back, I am excited. And the friends we're staying with seem fun and we're bringing a bunch of stuff to donate to their charity...we'll see what happens, as usual.

Wish me Luck xxox
Un beso mucho caliente!

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