Sunday, 23 November 2008


We leave for Mexico December 4th and return December 26th.

I'm somewhat nervous because you hear so many bad things about Mexico, but you know how that is...We're spending a few days in Mexico City, then to Tlaxcala then to Minatitlan then Coatzcoalcos, I hope the spelling is right, Spanish is harder than I thought it was. My mom took lessons while I was in Europe, and we're eating Chilean food tomorrow night with her class. My mom and I are bringing a suitcase full of clothes to donate to our friends charity. Im going to try and find the Lonely Planet guide to Mexico, because the German one was AWESOME. I also saw some beautiful journals at Chapters that I wouldn't mind getting because mine is almost finished.

No one is buying our house because no one has the money, nor do they have the invisible money. Lots of things are cheaper now, especially gas, but we don't have a car right now (we sent it to car heaven) so it doesnt matter. Taking the TTC everywhere CAN be frustrating, but it's good exercise :D

I got this book from the library about French Diets, and it makes so much sense, you dont have to diet if you eat REAL FOOD, and you take your time enjoying it. Kind of ironic after all we're shown on TV. I'm reading alot again, which is good, Ive got books in different rooms of the house, and I found an Isabel Allende book I might bring on the trip.

1. ride a horse
2. climb a pyramid
3. take a picture wearing a sombrero
4. try local food
5. go to the beach

It's getting cold and it might snow all this week, I can't wait to go to MEHICO!

Oh and Im calling it MEXIMAS!

AAARrriba! xxox

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