Friday, 14 May 2010

Morning Sweep

Spent all morning trying to figure out my university's health plan, I wish I'd done this earlier because I spent so much on prescriptions this year, but I can probably get the receipts and figure something out. I'll also need to figure out my travel insurance, either from Travel Cuts or this uni one...So much to do and so little time!!
Gonna do a little packing before work now because I've done very little and if I'm not working tomorrow I must do a big clean sweep of my room to do some more packing and sorting and donating away. I always get told that I have a lot of stuff and I don't deny it and what's crazy is I gave away or tossed out so much but it never seems to make a big enough difference. Clutter Clutter Clutter. It's not like I need or use all of this stuff so why is it still here? Sentimentality probably. But seeing it all around me only makes me cry, and they aren't tears of happiness or nostalgia...haha

Anyways...on with this beautiful day, it's finally sunny outside and the wind is so pleasant.  xx

Bring empties to the Beer Store
Bring clothes and VHS tapes to Value Village
Sort out all surfaces
Return all borrowed books

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