Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Dearest Blog Readers...I must confess...I am a Fatticus.
Yesterday, we did not end up dancing but rather...
...ate ice cream. 

I KNOW! I KNOW! How awful!!

My friend and I ended up shopping because we'd gone to get some dinner at the Pickle Barrel and the service was so terrible that we ended up too late to make it. I'll have to go in September. It's the next day and I'm still full...detoxxxx. However, I did get some nice purchases, as well as earlier at a thrift store that I will share with you!
This cool Scandinavian Airlines bag (a little ironic right now) for two dollars.
A Diesel green tank top.
A pink ruffly top.
A long heavy cardigan with pockets.
A long beige vest, with pockets, all from Value Village for twenty bucks!
I bought this Italian shirt and my friend got a Jamaican one, so we can cheer on this summer haha

I got flip flops from Old Navy...
...and these are the blue 'Keds' like shoes that I'm inlove with.
I also have these white flats from V.V., I love it when finds are good.

I'm feeling better about this summer, but there are alot of pieces that still need to fall together. Things I need to think about now are:
  • money
  • travel insurance
  • packing
  • being prepared

Today was such a beautiful day, I finished applying for my Italian citizenship at the Italian Consulate, and then slowly walked all the way to work (St. Patricks to Lansdowne!) and even made it there early :] I hope the weather stays like this.



Michelle Elisabeth said...

I love Value Village, I found a new red lacoste sweater there last winter and wore it for Christmas! Not to mention my $3 waffle maker :)

Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

I scream for ice cream too!!!
all the best sweetie!

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