Tuesday, 4 May 2010


I mentioned I got a free bike and it's pretty great except for being rather rusty as well as the breaks being a bit stiffy. I brought it to my friend BG, and he checked it out and for my birthday got me a new bike chain haha.
So I rode my bike to BikeSauce yesterday to get him to take a look at it and help me install the new chain. We ended up removing the back wheel to adjust the break, I had no idea how complicated bikes were yet logical, and greasy too!
Ain't she a beaut!
BikeSauce is a DIY bike repair space and hang out hub at 717 Queen street east. You can fix your bicycle using their tools and recycled or new parts. If you dont know how to fix it, the volunteers help you out, but it's also a cool social spot.
I loved that it is located behind an abandoned funeral home, and after we were done, we walked through it, and it was a little eerie, we even saw the room that they would prepare the bodies in! Six feet under much?

And then we ate Roti!! xx


"Pretty Perfect Pensive Playful Platypus" said...

omg I love you! I wanna see this place!

Laura said...

There's nothing like Roti after a wander through an old abandoned funeral home! Love it. Haha! (and I don't even know what roti is.)

Just a Generous Thief said...

Roti is jamaican! It's like chickpea bread and inside theres meat and veggies yummmm

Kristin said...

that sounds tasty! i've never heard of roti before, but chickpea bread sounds like something right up my alley!

a spooky funeral home sounds right up my alley, too!

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