Wednesday, 20 May 2009

May - To do

My life is a series of to do lists...
  • Organize NXNE fest stuff. CHECK
  • Pay off library debt. CHECK
  • Get prepaid credit card. CHECK, though now ive got a real one
  • Get Smart Serve. CHECK
  • Go to Optometrist. CHECK
  • Get Contact Lenses. CHECK
  • Relax about San Fran...
  • ...but keep researching. CHECK
  • Fix/Buy bike. CHECK, but needs to be refixed
Major Purchases soontimes...
  • Contact Lenses. CHECK
  • Awesome sneakers.
  • Another pair of shoes. CHECK?
  • Mp3 Player.
  • Camera, possibly nikon coolpix? CHECK, lumix
  • Sunglasses. CHECK?

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