Monday, 25 May 2009

Dear June,

Don't make it sad.

June 1st
I've got a job as a Nanny/Mother's Helper for the cutest little kid who is only 2.5, but speaks 3 languages! I will still look around for other part time jobs...
June 9th
: Bartending School begins.

Today I met my lovely friend Sarah at the Royal York and she painted my thigh and photographed me for her Art Summative, I'll be seeing all the finished work on Tuesday, I can't wait. As for Uni, I'm slowly but surely figuring it all out. So far I want to take:
  • a french class
  • a lit class
  • a history class
  • sociology
  • drama!!
  • geography???
I'll figure out the rest later...Other than that everything else is working out, the house is coming along, my mum had a housewarming thing yesterday and I plan to have one soontimes.

AAAHH!!! All I keep thinking about is SAN FRANCISCO! But I musn't, I really musn't so much...The lineup is really good though, there's MIA and Bat for Lashes and Jason Mraz...!It's basically all taken care of by my wonderful pen pal Paul, but now I must worry about a ticket there, getting a few things for myself, most importantly: a Credit Card :)

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