Friday, 15 May 2009

If you're going to SAN FRANCISCO... sure to wear flowers in your hair.

HEY! So there's still loads to do around here, but my room is looking great and so is the rest of the house. We've basically finished unpacking, except for some of the basement, and my mum is getting estimates for some things that need to be done around the house...ITS LOOKING GREAT :D
AND GUESS WHAT?! My pen pal Paul and I are (hopefully/most likely) going to the Outside Lands Music Fest in San Francisco!

  1. Research plane ticket.
  2. Research hostel/motel/etc.
  3. Get MEC bag for the trip.
  4. Get contact lenses >.<
  5. Better camera, yes? no?
  6. Decide what to bring but bring as little as possible.
  7. Contact cousins in California.
  8. Get some kind of 'Guide to San Fran'.
  9. Don't faint when you finally meet pen pal.
So I'm trying to figure things out for that while fixing up my room which looks/will look really cool/bohemian :D ALSO, I've found a nanny/mother's helper JOB :D Although it wasn't what I was looking for for the summer, the kids seems so sweet, the hours perfect and...the pay would be...delicious...ssh. IN THE MEAN TIME, I'm still looking as well as once Bartending school is complete + Smart Serve obtained, I can find a job at a restaurant, which I would not mind one bit...
  1. Golden Gate Bridge
  2. Haight Street.
  3. Berkeley Campus.
  4. Street markets?
  5. Benefit?

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