Saturday, 25 December 2010


Beautiful gift drawn by Chris

I was never a big fan of Christmas because having divorced parents makes holidays really hard, and you have to make everyone happy but they aren't willing to compromise so much with the other person. Luckily this year, I pulled out as much Christmas cheer or whatever as I could and managed to have a nice Christmas. Spent the night of the 25th with an amazing person and their family, I am so thankful for that. I wonder what Christmas will be like when I'm older and probably married. Will I be a harping perfectionist trying to capture the Christmas that I never had? Will I even be celebrating Christmas? All I know is that despite the commercial aspect of Christmas, there is the food and the family and just being together and thoughtful to each other and it's something people forget about sometimes during the rest of the year.
I hope you had lovely holidays, whatever you celebrated, I hope they were with friends and family and lots of good food.

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