Sunday, 19 December 2010

Of course

I hate not updating you dear blog, I always come up with entries in my head but never sit down to create them, as with so many things in life. But of course, procrastinating for my one exam is just what I need to find any reason to avoid studying. Whoever decided to put an exam on the 21st of December, must be a big scroogy grinch, but then again, so am I.

Despite my dislike of xmas, Life is pretty good lately, I'm surrounded by new and amazing people and it's exactly what I needed now. I feel like I'm actually living that University lifestyle people talk about, search for, crazy but not too crazy, sounds good to me.

Went to visit a friend out of town for a few days and it helped me realize that you need to take things as they come. You honestly can't sit around with a rock in your stomach waiting and wanting and hoping. You have to go out and do it and laugh and enjoy it and then laugh about it again the next day because life doesn't have to be stressful or complicated.

I met someone who is going through similar family issues as I am, and it made me feel less alone in that sense. I can't just bring it up in normal conversation, people feel uncomfortable and don't know what to tell you if you bring up said issues at a party or dinner.  Everyone has some kind of problem going on, whether it is an obvious one or not and there's a time and place to talk about them because people don't know what to do when they realize other people are hurting. I learnt that the hard way. Somehow she was able to just tell me and I just accepted it, I didn't judge or run away or make fun. Now if only other people would be so nice as to do that to me. Find that friend to whom you can share your fears with and hold on to them. People don't always know how to handle things they're not used to feeling.

When I'm avoiding school work, I do some pretty impressive things but right now I just feel like cleaning. I really need to go over my notes and study but I just don't feel like it, it's too dark outside and there's too much noise. My mother is here until next month at least, and she's discovered Skype. It makes me miss living alone, but this morning she made brunch and it was delicious and we talked like two people should, and not too teen angsty jerry springered mother and daughter death metal flying dishes duo. It was good. Let's see how long that lasts...

I should open my textbooks, but first I'll do the dishes.
Bisous x

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