Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Touch Down

My time with Paul flew by too quickly, the Lake poem I had posted talks about how time flies and how it should fly for those who are in pain, and drag on for those who are in love...
Alright, one quick entry before I'm on my way. I just got back and I'm already dreaming of leaving again...Nassau, Orlando, San Diego, Cancun??...My time in Ames was really great and I learnt so many new things. Paul taught me how to play pool and develop b&w photographs in a darkroom. The idea of having a darkroom in my house someday is a really intriguing one now.

Managed to transfer onto earlier flights at the airports, though when I got home, there was a massive snowstorm, no mood to get to class, which was canceled anyways, so I didn't feel so guilty... Spent way too much time looking at flights and such last night, and am now somewhat addicted to sporcle.com, erg. Got to get back to the Uni workload asap.

Also, in Chicago, I had a Dark Cherry Mocha at Sbux and it was goood, I want it to get here too so Leah can make me some...and was reading the H&M mag and realized how big bloggers can get and want to look into some of the names I've seen, like Tavi Gevinson. My blog has made 1.00$ :] Speaking of which I need to watch my spending, I basically bought nothing for almost six months and recently I've been spending a lot of money and sometimes on useless things...so new rule, for every new thing that comes in, two must go out. Oh and find a job pronto. xx

Infamous TDL:
  • read 'Shining under the Sea', Socio, Emile Zola, Maupassant, The Secret
  • prepare for German exam
  • fill out behavioural assessment forms
  • fill up a rubbish bin this week
  • write CV, job hunt. make lots of moula for the summertimez.
  • new cellphone...?

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