Tuesday, 9 February 2010


The weather is miserable but I feel pretty good, I'm just having anxiety attacks regarding all the things that need to be done this week, but Friday afternoon I'll be leaving to see Paul!! :] I'm so excited, you have no idea. I've done a lot of 'brave' things lately and I'm pretty proud of myself, and it makes it ten times better when someone else tells you they're proud of you. When I have kids, I want to be one of those insanely supportive parents who will frame their kindergarten artwork and reward them with a trip to Disney Land...is that too much? I've never been to Disneyland, I wish I had been, so I'll most likely end up bringing my future spawn there. My parents brought my brother to the one in Paris, he was obsessed by Mickey Mouse comic books, I used to read them too, he also had Dylan Dog comics and I loved those, have you heard of them? I wonder where they are now...

ALSO, if you're in the King & Jarvis area, don't go to Biagio. It's a beautiful restaurant in the St. Lawrence area, but the owner really takes advantage of the 'italian' menu and the portions are smaller than a french restaurant...my friend had a birthday dinner there and it was so much fun and the plates were beautifully presented, but the rude waitress, awkward 600 bill and the lack of fullness...made it a bit funny.

So busy...I'm going to EXPLODE.
  • Sociology midterm tomorrow, study sesh in library today and catching up on reading tonight.
  • German Quiz today, got to print off some helpful notes.
  • French Culture Midterm, got to catch up on Guy de Maupassant, read over notes
  • followed by, Literature Essay due on Friday, topic: Sylvia Plath + Ariel :]
  • errands galore, bank my student loan checks.
  • suitcase to pack! pack! pack! It's going to be an amaaazing week :] xx

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