Thursday, 21 April 2011

Mandatory pre-Birthday Crisis

I can't believe it's already Easter.

Every year, before my birthday, I get depressed and feel like I have done nothing with my life and never will. Now that I've decided to stop taking any medication whatsoever, its gotten a little worse. I need to see if I'm not clinically depressed.
My birthday is on Easter this year, and sadly, right in the middle of exam season, so I'm planning a girly brunch the day before, and a proper party in May. However, right now, I must study, but I can't, my mind keeps wandering and getting anxious over all the things I need to do, so all I can do is list them out now and then get back to it on the 28th.

1. Study for my G1 test so as to get my driver's license! (About freaking time...)

Living in Toronto, and right on the subway line for that matter, makes the use of a car obsolete most of the time, but excuses aside, it's time I get one. When I have kids, the only think I'll really force them to do is to get their license as soon as their of age. Countless times I regret not having a license, moments where I could have rented a car and driven 12 hours so I could see someone I really care about.

2. Fix up my resume.

If the circus comes back to town, I want on that train! If not, I'll still be job hunting in August because I need more experience, and income is nice too.

3. Redecorate and Downsize.
Clean up the bedroom and reduce amount of possessions.

4. Start preparing for Asia!

Shots, shoes, hotels, documents etc.

5. Vote!

6. Get wisdom teeth removed! :(

7. Plan a birthday party!

8. Prepare for my brothers wedding!

That means finally getting a haircut too...

That's all for now. Wish me luck on exams!


AVY said...

What a lovely post, so cute blog :)


Mai said...

Yes, Easter is here! :)

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