Friday, 1 April 2011

City Dreams

There is only a week or so left but I can't help myself from constantly day dreaming about road trips. The only problem is, that I don't have a car, or a proper license for that matter.

So I've been looking at bus and train schedules and my mind has been wandering.

So far I have two options that are more or less under 100$. They are...

I've only been the airport a hundred times, I'd like to actually see the city. There's a lot of personal history here as well. Plus I'll be 21 soon so hey!
and Boston:
Why not?

Despite Toronto's location it seems to be hard to get past Pittsburgh without spending a fortune, despite it ironically only costing less than 3 dollars to get there... Honestly though, I'm up for anything because in my books, the more the merrier. I'd really like to see one American city before I'm gone for the summer.

Going to an art gallery opening tonight and meeting a friend for late night brownie baking.
Have a wonderful weekend x

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