Tuesday, 26 April 2011

In Review

Birthday and Easter are over and done with. I don't feel particularly older nor wiser, though I have completed one exam early this morning and am already in the library trying to memorize the carbon cycle. Hope is on the horizon!

Saturday, I spent it with some of my favourite girlfriends and decided it was time to spend some money on myself. I even got a bra fitting, which taught me I'd apparently been wearing the wrong size for a long time, and I feel that it is necessary to say that: I love my boobs, like...a lot. Sunday, was with family, and future family for Easter, where I ironically received no chocolate, but considering my bikini ambitions, I don't mind so much. I've also taken the first step towards vlogging, which is WAY harder than it seems, I have no idea how people do it and keep it up so well. My to-do-list hasn't changed since my pre-birthday crisis post, though now I'd like to add: workout plan to it. I'm 21 now and I want to look my best and be as healthy as can be (more or less) for the next decade or so...or whatever...who cares! I like looking good, so what?

One thing I have learnt is to aim as high as you can and give it your all. It's like that saying, aim for the moon and if you miss you'll land by the stars or whatever, something like that, except better. Life is full of disappointments, heartbreak and misery, but without it, how would you know when something good is happening? how would you know what love is if your whole life you've been living in moderation?

Make a list of things you want and don't live each day like it is your last, but rather, live each day as a story you want to share with others someday...

Learn to live with less possessions.
Find a job I love.
Be more generous to myself and others.
Spend next summer gaining a credit abroad.
Fall in love all over again.
Learn Spanish.
See Paris, romantically.
Apply to the three places I've been thinking of for a long while.

There are lots of rewards coming up soon...xx see you after exams!

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rebecca said...

oh, i really ought to be revising too... is it happening? course not! and i don't think i could ever vlog, i'm really conscious of my accent, weird.


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