Monday, 9 May 2011

The weather has been beautiful!
Things have been going well, except a stupid slip up today with a friend, got to remind myself to think before I speak...I need to stop letting my emotions take over...but I went to the gym! and I'm hoping to go back tomorrow as well as Wednesday.  On Thursday, I've decided to run in the stairwell in my building until I'm super sore, then go hang out with a really good friend.

I feel like I've spent insane amounts of money this month, what with my dentist and medical bills, and promising myself to get my G1 license by the end of the month, no! by the end of the week! And I've got more things to pay for still! My trip to Asia is looking mighty cheap compared to my day to day living this month.
I'm doing my best to look good for my brother's wedding (hence going to the gym) but I have yet to find the right outfit, I've got medical issues to deal with and this morning I found out my earring had made a big gash in my ear! Really?  I'll try my best...
All in all, I shouldn't be complaining. I've got lots to do and staying busy helps life be less melancholic.
Dear Mavis, I apologize. Let's be friends? x

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