Friday, 27 May 2011

Massive May Update

Hello World!
I am not dead, just lost in the surreal-ness that is life lately.

I don't know why I've had no motivation to blog lately, maybe because things have been going well but also somewhat smoothly and super busily that I haven't felt the need to rant on here, not that my to do list isn't overflowing...

Perhaps instead of back-dating blogs, or whatever it's called, I will just make this one into a giant one, so dear readers...this is what you have missed, what I've learnt and what I ate and so on...
I have great friends! 

How important it is to cherish life.

Got a new bed frame! My amazing friend Lise gave me her old bed frame as a belated birthday present. I don't remember if I wrote on here, that on new year's day, I had torn apart my old bed frame in an act beginnings I well as the fact that it was broken and scratched and took up most of my room and hit me in the shins each time I tried to get around anyways, I was basically sleeping on the floor, with my mattress on the flat pieces of bed frame I kept to protect it, which was actually amazing for awhile, but it got old fast, not to mention the fact that I didn't like my mattress almost touching the floor...but now I feel like the princess and the pea, minus the pea! Check out my messy room!!  
I'm so high off the ground and my feet don't touch the floor when I sit on it, not to mention all the space underneath I can use for much needed storage now! So. Freaking. Happy. I love you Lise.

Rode a bike to the Island and through most of Toronto! Was super sore but it was sooo worth it!
Then later on went to see the Fireworks by the lake...

Realized that you don't always have to take people's advice.
I know that I'm twenty one, and that I live with my mother, and yes, I do regret not moving out in earlier years sometimes, but with my family situation, and my cat, and that my mother is planning on moving back to Italy, and my lack of reliable job at the is not a good time to move out, especially since I'll be in Asia for a month and a half. And also, hey! I`m a student, I`m saving money! That said, however, IF, when I get back and settled in again and found myself a job, the situation does not improve...then moving out is my best bet, not only for myself and to learn, but also to show to my family that I am serious.
Speaking of serious...after one year of cutting my own hair, went to a salon! Got cut and dyed and now my hair is ONE colour, a dark brown that I thought was black and was pretty shocked about when I first saw it on my head...but I'm happy with it now and it will still look great as it fades...I was just tired of having my hair a bunch of different colours from having the sun bleach in highlights, and every time I tried to dye it myself, it would end up going red anyways...

I've realized some things about my family that are heartbreaking and I've got to make some personal decisions about what will happen next...but more importantly right now...
My brother got married! Crazy, I know! Who knew this day would come?
That's it for now!
Speak soon xoxo

Things I would like to do very soon:

  • Re-vamp my blog.
  • Make a series of vlogs.
  • Pick my Uni courses.
  • Clean room to perfection.
  • Get my G1.
Things left to do for Asia:
  • Insurance
  • Shots
  • Ziploc bags for packing
  • Shoes, capris, headlamp....
  • Photocopy passport, put all documents together, etc.
  • Call credit card company.

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