Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Not quite Winning today...

Okay so today sucks. And that is that. Moving on.

What I feel like doing: Sleeping.

What I must do: Read and Study for my Geology Midterm. Conveniently on St. Patrick's day, how much greener can you get?

Other things on my mind in no particular order:
  1. Turning 21, birthday ideas.
  2. St. Patrick's day Celebrations.
  3. Finishing my essay about the French occupation in World War II.
  4. Birthday party and my new dress.and Gift.
  5. Going to bed earlier.
  6. Update Resume.
  7. Start reading The File.
  8. Hair appointment.
  9. Make manky toes look decent for party.
  10. Getting a new bed frame. 
  11. Woody Harrelson.

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